20-Minute Guided Meditation: Don’t “Do” Meditation, Just Be | Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to our live meditation And I trust you're not waiting for me to Start Meditation Because then you would have missed That it started already And you would think about meditation in Terms of doing something But You don't actually do a meditation As long as you're doing meditation You're not really Meditating Or the meditation is not Fulfilling its purpose Meditation true meditation is not A technique Or a mantra It's about Becoming aware Of the being dimension That's Already the essence Of Who You Are And you don't have to do anything to Become aware of the being dimension in Fact All you have to do is to stop doing And that's not a doing Not to stop doing does not necessarily Mean Stop external activities But it means not to be focused Exclusively

On doing so that your entire Attention is continuously absorbed By the doing Dimension which Of course all goes back to thinking Thinking is doing And then it becomes some external Activity which is fine because That is one level of Who You Are You have to do things in this world and You have to think And it's good Doing and thinking is good But if that's at all there is in your Life Then you're missing the deeper dimension And then doing and thinking this Continues Absorption In that dimension of form Becomes Frustrating Leads to anxiety or depression Burn out A sense of meaninglessness after a while And all those who are not in touch with The deeper Dimension the Dimension of being which is the essence Of Who You Are Which I sometimes call the essence Dimension Or your essence identity Being able to sense and this is why we Are here now being able to sense your Essence identity

In addition to having a farm identity Which is always connected with some kind Of doing of thinking That is Liberating So what you're liberated from is An exclusive identification With who you are On the level of form The body The mind And whatever the mind identifies with In the realm of form Mental images that arise That the Mind identifies with and says That's me That's my body Me My possessions My status in society my work my function My social function My social and economic position my class Social class of background my knowledge That I have accumulated Or any other image which mental image Which may not necessarily be positive it Could be negative Me the victim Me the one who was never given a chance All these are mental images that you Derive your Sense of self from And usually it's a certain bundle of Images

Which in every image is also a little Story And this bundle of images becomes the Self and me Or what you refer to when you say I And yes that is One could say who you are on the level Of form but even on that level It's certain stories That you believe in that tell you Something about who you are in relation To others and your past and your history Your successes failures achievements These are perspectives on what happened To you Or what you did or failed to do What other people did to you Why can't you have other perspectives You could have the perspective I'm a successful Wealthy professional And Your ex-wife Might have a different story about you Call your obnoxious jerk Or you can have a negative story about Yourself On this Dimensional form one could easily Have a story I could tell you a story Why I am A very unfortunate human being you may Not believe it but I could and it would

Be very convincing And I could tell your story why I'm One of the greatest There would be stories and every one of You You could have a story about your that Proves that you are Justified in being miserable Or you could have another story in this Or you're actually very good But they're all just stories So you there will be some stories in Your mind But is that who you are In the stories of course referred to Other people that your reflection in the Lives of others And so that they They're not just they don't exist in Isolation And they are reinforced by others and so On Who am I so the question is are you what Your mind tells you about yourself On the level of form that's one way of Looking at who you are but There's a deeper dimension We've just been talking about Farm Identity And what most humans don't know yet Because it's not taught at school Whereas it should be one of the most Important things not one of the most the Most important thing taught in school

There is a new A deeper Dimension and there's an Essence identity that you can sense Even while you play whatever your role Is or your function is in the world of Form And even while you do things and deal With things and speak to people and even Think It is possible to sense In the background of your life Your essence identity And what is that It's this Being aware that There's a presence In you which is not the right way of Describing it Let's put it differently being aware That you are a presence Being aware of the presence That you are I am Another way of pointing to it being Aware Quite simply Right now that you are aware That you are I am And that has no content There's just a knowing a sensing Of a presence and that is who or what You are The one thing that you cannot doubt is

That There is a conscious presence here I am that before there's any content to It That is the light of consciousness And then things appear in the light of Consciousness or illuminated By the Light Of Consciousness or the light of Consciousness Becomes those things Thoughts sense perceptions But with there would be no sense Perceptions without the light of Consciousness There would be no thoughts without the Light of consciousness In other words there would be no world Without you Because you are The light of Consciousness in which the World Appears And let's form The world of form So it's a simple realization Of your own presence Or Of presence The moment we use words to describe it It gets distorted Because it's not You don't become aware of presence But when we form a sentence we have a Subject and an object

But what happens is that Presence becomes self-aware or awareness Becomes self-aware Consciousness becomes Conscious of itself And that is The Awakening of consciousness To itself to its own Essence That can be felt or sensed more strongly In the gap between two thoughts When there's a space within you Of simple Presence might still take in science Perceptions But there's no thinking Right now you don't need to think You can just Be aware In that awareness The words that I speak Are perceived They're also understood Without any additional thinking on your Part They are the words are recognized Because they point to something that's Beyond words And you can only recognize the truth of These words By sensing That towards which they point which is Beyond words and suddenly it makes sense So Our meditation here and as I'm talking

This is the meditation Only makes sense If you can sense What the words are pointing to Inner self And It has no form It is Essentially Who You Are conscious Presence We don't need to go here to the question Of whether Is that conscious presence not as many Mainstream scientists Would say Is it not just an Epi phenomenon Of brain activity Is it not just a byproduct of the Chemical soup in your brain or molecular Activity in the brain Or we might say well no there is a Consciousness is not produced by the Brain but although that would be the Mainstream Shield scientific belief if They even recognize the existence of Consciousness Or his consciousness Does Consciousness pervade the universe And is the brain only a An instrument highly complex instrument That receives Consciousness and focuses The Consciousness into a particular form

In which then the universe perceives Itself as form So this Consciousness perhaps more like A radio receiver or television receiver Which does not produce the program it Just receives It and so if you destroy the television Or you destroys the receiver And if the brain no longer functions Then that would mean Not that Consciousness is lost Just me conscience no longer manifesting Through that form