Abraham Hicks 2020 — SOFT, GENTLE FOCUS (Esther Hicks 2020)

Message From the Universe: May the Force Be With You

As Rogue One came out in theater a few weeks back, many appreciate the last trilogy of the Star Wars series. I am sure they can take this a bit further and keep on thinking about stories and twist from the original Star Wars movies but this is what they do best. Always know that there is a force out there and it is up to you to decide if it stands with you or against you. Your thoughts are intrinsically related to which side you will end up in, based on what you want the most out of life. The force remains with you, and it is crucial to repeat it three times in a row to let events manifest themselves to you.

Message From the Universe: Life in the Eyes of the Beholder

If you see life with abundance, you will get abundance, as long as you make sure to take actions to accomplish that goal. Life shouldn’t be that complicated, unless you wanted it to be. You need to start changing the way you perceive life in general, how you look at your accomplishments and how to learn to be grateful and appreciate things more. Take your time to work into bettering yourself, stop paying attention to what others are doing and just focus on what lies ahead.

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