Abraham Hicks 2020 — TUNING TO SOLUTION (Esther Hicks 2020)

Abraham Hicks 2020 — TUNING TO SOLUTION (Esther Hicks 2020)
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Women’s Intuition, More Than Just Folklore

Modern women are intelligent, up to date with the latest technical trends and financial markets. They know how to balance work with family and they have mastered the art of promoting business through what some males refer to as, ‘women’s gossip’ or social media. They follow the financial trends and consumer buying habits and wait for a gap in the market to launch a new product or service. With all of this know-how, many still question their initial thoughts or give away their personal power by listening to the doom and gloom news. In the end, all of this leads to second guessing the missed opportunities. WHY?

Tidy Up Tuesdays – What Is It You Need to Declutter?

My experience speaks volumes to why “animals” became my clutter – the thing that I collected, kept, and wanted more of, even when it was too many. Even when it was inconvenient, expensive, and added stress to my already busy life. I didn’t realize it filled a loneliness, a void. An emotional memory of that time in my life with Tinker, where I was desperately lonely, with no friends or family nearby. It set the stage for years of trying to fill that void with more animals. The awareness that this was my clutter came to me more recently, as I began my journey towards minimalism.

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