Aquarius, astrological Tarot, reading May 2023

Hi Aquarius this is Sandy Couture and I'm here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Aquarius for the Month of May 2023. so Um Astrologically we've got a few things Going on that are important to all of us The first thing is Mercury retrograde in Taurus and Mercury retrograde and Taurus Is really about slowing down and taking A look at where our values are and Reviewing how we're moving forward in Producing those values moving through Those goals that we have and um Saying attaboy to ourselves if if it Needs be and in the middle of that or or Surrounding that is Eclipse season we Have just last week gone through an Eclipse in a new moon in Aries which That's about New Beginnings but eclipses Are about diving deep into your psyche Into your patterns into your thought Process into your feelings and allowing Yourself to move through blocks that um That are keeping you from realizing your Dreams so we also have another eclipse Coming up at the end of this month so in Between that is sandwiched Mercury Retrograde so it's really time to review And take a look at how you're moving Forward and whether it's serving you or Not So the first card that I pulled for you Aquarius is the two of Cups this always

Reminds me of Aquarius I'm not exactly Sure why because cups are actually water And Aquarius is an air sign but I see The male and the female and then the Connection of the third eyes Um this is talking about balance for you Aquarius emotional balance sometimes Aquarians can be in their head and they Don't connect their heart in their head But this one is about taking the time to Connect your heart and your head and Being in balance at the beginning of This month so the surprise our challenge Might be a challenge it is the seven of Wands and the Seven of Wands has a man Standing in front of a door protecting It with six wands coming at him ones are Fire in action so somebody may want you To do something before you're ready to Do it and you'll have to defend yourself About waiting and doing it in your own Good time when you are in Balance so Just watch for that and know that that's Exactly what you need to do you need to Stand your ground until you're ready to Move forward The process card for you to move through This month is the Ten of Cups and this Is actually a very awesome auspicious Car because cups are water emotion and Also material like Earthly well-being And this is a cup of gratitude these People are so grateful for their happy Life and their happy home gratitude is

To sustainable it's something we should All sustain throughout our lifetime and Remember to take a look at what it is We're grateful for because it's going to Keep you in balance uh regardless of Other forces that are coming toward you This month and the most likely outcome Card for you Aquarius is the three of Cups which is a card of Celebration Threes are always a completion number a Trilogy father-son Holy Ghost Body Mind Spirit It's about Um a a wonderful ending end game end Move so this is a really nice reading For you just remember balancing your Heart and your head don't let it all be In your head this month and don't let Anybody rush you into doing anything You're not ready to do and stay in Gratitude hopefully that was helpful for You aquarians out there have a good Month