Are You Responsible for This? | Eckhart Tolle Answers

Some people don't know that there is Even the possibility of taking Responsibility that's why you are so Important Anybody who realizes it This is you are the beginning of the Transformed world The hardest word that I'm having trouble With right now is uh responsibility And I'm have a hunch that most of things That I consider responsibility are Just my ego Tell me things I have to do but I also When I think about the future of the Earth and human evolution and stuff like That sometimes I have big emotions of Responsibility so I'm just curious thank You about the right relationship to the Word responsibility okay Thank you Yeah it's a strange word it has been Pointed out that uh if you look at the Word it's it seems to be talking about The ability to respond So To take a responsibility for what is it That you can take responsibility for Primarily Taking responsibility for your state of Consciousness Which Determines What kind of world you create You because you are Humanity

Humanity is an abstract concept doesn't Exist humanity is the human being You are Humanity So for Humanity To take responsibility you need to take Primarily responsibility for your State Of Consciousness because it's only a Diseased or dysfunctional State of Consciousness produces a diseased and Dysfunctional world out there By world I mean the human-made world That is has been imposed on the what's Already there the planet which is Potentially of course a paradise The planet Pristine unbelievable Jewel A being of great intelligence We are not separate from it But the being is going through a Transitional process And every transitional process is Critical it may or may not work in which Case the being will Go or some other way But the The Your State of Consciousness determines What kind of world you create what kind Of Action you take and what consequences Your actions have So here This is why my main work is to address The cause of

Dysfunction which lies in the human mind The dysfunction of the human mind or as It is sometimes called insane the Sickness of the human mind So As I see it and I don't Think anybody who reads history can Doubt it there is a deep-seated Dysfunction in humans has been there for Thousands of years And If we not If there's no shift in that then the Dysfunction will destroy us It probably won't destroy the planet Because the planet has enormous Resources but it will take a while it Would take a while for the planet to Recover All you have to do then is primarily Take responsibility for your State of Consciousness now Now And this is what the entire teaching Really is about what is what is my state Of consciousness at this moment am I Generating Disturbance am I generating Negativity am I generating conflict and Suffering for myself and others Am I generating inner pollution am I Polluting my beautiful the beautiful Being that I am With continuous

Absurd Movements of thought producing Negative emotions producing an entire Entity That is illusory that I call the me So to take responsibility it needs to be Just of course an Awakening where you Can say okay I will take responsibility Now Some people don't know that there is Even the possibility of taking Responsibility that's why you are so Important Anybody who realizes it This is you are the beginning of the Transformed world I don't know who first coined the famous Phrase you hear it quite quite often These days But I need you need to be the change That the change that you want to see out There You need to embody that And that's not primarily what you do There's something more primary than what You do it's who you are who you are is Your state of consciousness whatever you Do flows out of that So that's the primary is that so the Change is the transformed state of Consciousness Now That is your responsibility anybody once You've seen that that's your

Responsibility now you know it People who are not yet at that level Don't realize it and that's fine you Can't expect the whole world already to Be at that stage it's enough for you to Take responsibility knowing there's Still a few Millions others don't know That they can take responsibility Because they live in such Unconsciousness that they see the entire Evil in others what they see as evil It's all in them And they make half the world Into their enemy It's all out there they're still you can Don't you that's fine Your response it's only those are Required to take responsibility you who Are up to it And but even those who are totally Unconscious still on the one hand they Don't know what they're doing obviously They as Jesus said on the cross they Know not what they do in other words They are in the grip of unconscious Forces Or unconscious Mental emotional streams They don't know what they do They cannot be held responsible and People say well they should be held Responsible no they can't be they don't Know what they do however the fact that They are not responsible because they

Can't be responsible does not mean that They do not suffer the consequences of Their unconsciousness So they generate suffering And eventually suffering is the fire In which The ego gets burned up the collective Ego and the personal ego That's the that's the the long way the Slow way The painful way And then there's this there is a Shortcut which is any spiritual teaching Is just it cuts through that The painful way the long way of waking Up more and more suffering Planet might not endure that such a long Learning process for Humanity so if the Learning process of humanity does not Become shortened It is doubtful that the planet can allow The humanity to learn through further Suffering For another 500 years or even 200 years Or even 100 years So that's You're responsible for all that [Laughter]