Aries astrological tarot reading May 2023

Hi Aries this is Sandy Couture and I am Here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Aries for the Month of May 2023 I tell you what April went by in a Flash for me I don't know about for you Um astrologically we have some important Things going on right now we have Mercury retrograde in Taurus uh Taurus Is an earth sign and it's a fixed Earth Sign so it's about really slowing down And reviewing the last three months and Seeing how your life has been working For you during that time frame in Addition to that indication which is About review and moving forward with More understanding we also are in the Middle of a eclipse season we just Recently went through a new moon eclipse In Aries which was probably pretty Potent for all of you we had two new Moons and Aries so it's all about New Beginnings moving forward in New Directions and Um That was about a week ago and by the end Of this month we will also have another Full moon eclipse in Scorpio so eclipses Are about uncovering Um blocks uncovering Um Previously unconscious Hindrances to moving forward in your Life in the best possible way that you

Can for you so in addition to Mercury Retrograde you're being asked to look Dive deep and see if there's anything That um that needs to be let go of in Order for you to move forward anything That's not serving your highest and best Self So the first card that I pulled for you Aries is the nine of Cups and this Really is about sharing who you are and What you have and and being in gratitude For all that you have cups are Emotionals well-being so be in gratitude For all the emotional help that you have And move forward in a way that makes you Feel loved and supported this month the Surprise card it's either a surprise or Challenge is that you will realize that There is a never-ending Um abundant energy that is provided to You by God the universe the Angels Whatever whoever it is that you believe Is a higher um being or a higher entity Than any of us There is always enough there's more than Enough for everybody and there is a Never-ending supply of universal Well-being coming to you uh the process Card is to listen for information that's Going to give you Um a boost financially so Um you may need to seek it out but find That information to give yourself a Boost you will get good news about money

And the most likely outcome card for This month is the celebration card three Of Cups Body Mind spirit Threes are completion numbers so Um things may be looking a little Bleak Right now Aries is you know the baby of The zodiac the new growth of the zodiac But know that by the end of this month Things will look a lot better for you And you'll be able to breathe a little Bit easier so hopefully that was helpful For you Aries out there and thank you For watching bye now