August 2023 Tarot Reading: Insights into Capricorn’s Astrological Forecast

August 2023 Tarot Reading: Insights into Capricorn’s Astrological Forecast


In this captivating video, Sandy Couture, a certified angel tarot reader, provides an insightful astrological tarot reading for the sign of Capricorn for the month of August 2023. As Sandy delves into the cards, she unveils a plethora of information that can help Capricorns navigate through the celestial energy of this month. Let’s explore the key aspects of this reading and gain valuable insights into Capricorn’s astrological forecast.

Heading 1: The Significance of Mercury and Venus Retrograde in Leo

Sub-heading 1: A Review of Past Emotions and Desires

Mercury and Venus, both retrograde in Leo this month, create a celestial environment that urges Capricorn to reflect on their past emotions and desires. Sandy Couture emphasizes the importance of reviewing these aspects of life and taking the time to reconsider how they shape Capricorn’s present experiences and future aspirations.

Heading 2: The Chariot card – Embracing Control over Chaos

The Chariot card, a vital part of Capricorn’s tarot reading for August 2023, represents Capricorn’s ability to grasp control over the chaos in their life. Sandy Couture highlights how this card symbolizes Capricorn’s resilience and the determination required to overcome obstacles and achieve success. The reading encourages Capricorn to trust their inner strength and assert their control over challenging situations.

Heading 3: The King of Pentacles – Balancing Material Well-Being and Emotional Needs

The King of Pentacles poses a challenge for Capricorn: finding the delicate balance between material well-being and emotional needs. Sandy Couture explains that while Capricorns have a natural inclination towards attainments and building financial stability, it is equally important to nurture emotional connections. The reading advises Capricorn to assess their priorities and find a harmonious equilibrium between these two crucial aspects of life.

Heading 4: The Seven of Cups – Focusing on One Thing at a Time

The Seven of Cups card indicates that Capricorn is faced with numerous possibilities and choices during August 2023. However, Sandy Couture emphasizes the significance of focusing on one thing at a time. The reading advises Capricorn to avoid being overwhelmed by the abundance of choices and instead concentrate their energy on a specific goal or opportunity, allowing for a more fruitful outcome.

Heading 5: The Three of Wands – A Calm and Balanced Journey

The Three of Wands card brings tidings of a calm and balanced journey for Capricorn this month. Sandy Couture interprets this card as a reflection of Capricorn’s ability to navigate through challenges with grace and poise. The reading suggests that Capricorn approaches situations with a well-grounded perspective, ensuring a smooth journey towards their desired destination.


Sandy Couture’s astrological tarot reading for Capricorn in August 2023 provides valuable insights into their upcoming month. With Mercury and Venus retrograde in Leo, Capricorn is prompted to review past emotions and desires. The Chariot card encourages Capricorn to embrace control over chaos, while the King of Pentacles challenges them to balance material well-being with emotional needs. The Seven of Cups urges Capricorn to focus on one thing at a time, and the Three of Wands promises a calm and balanced journey. This reading serves as a guiding light for Capricorn, helping them navigate the astrological energies and make the most of the opportunities that come their way.