Bashar’s Upcoming Event: Countdown to Contact Year One – January 20, 2024!

Hey there, folks! Buckle up, because we have got some exciting news to share with you. If you’re an ET contact enthusiast, then mark your calendars for January 20, 2024, as Bashar, channeled by the incredible Darryl Anka, is hosting an event called “Countdown to Contact: Year One.” This epic live stream event is your chance to delve into the realms of extraterrestrial connection and gain valuable insights from Bashar himself. So make sure to clear your schedule, grab your popcorn, and join us on this mind-boggling journey.

Experience Open Contact:
Are you itching to know more about the processes and procedures involved in experiencing open contact with extraterrestrial beings? Well, look no further because Bashar will be here to spill all the cosmic beans. In this event, he will share invaluable information on how we can tune in to the frequencies of open contact and explore the wonders that lie beyond our earthly realm. Get ready to have your spirits elevated and your minds expanded as Bashar takes you on a transformative journey towards open contact.

Understanding Bashar’s People and Making Energy Shifts:
Curiosity piqued, huh? We thought so! This remarkable session will not only shed light on open contact but also provide profound insights into the true nature of Bashar’s people. Brace yourselves for mind-bending revelations, as Bashar guides us through understanding the essence of his extraterrestrial counterparts. Moreover, he will reveal the necessary energy shifts we need to make in order to align ourselves with the frequencies of his people. So get ready to tap into your spiritual side and embrace the transformative power of energy shifts.

Engage in a Q&A Segment:
We know you must have burning questions about open contact, extraterrestrial life, and the mysteries that lie beyond. Well, here’s your chance to have those questions answered directly by the celestial messenger himself. Yes, Bashar will be hosting a captivating Q&A segment during the live stream event. You can submit your queries, and if you’re lucky, Bashar might just choose yours to answer. So prepare those thought-provoking questions and get ready for some mind-blowing responses.

Connect and Share:
What better way to delve into the realms of extraterrestrial connection than to do it alongside like-minded individuals? One of the most exciting aspects of this live stream is the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts from around the globe. Share your thoughts, exchange experiences, and be a part of this amazing community. So grab your virtual seat, dive into the chat, and let the collective energy of this event wash over you.

In Conclusion:
There you have it, folks! If you’re passionate about extraterrestrial contact, then mark January 20, 2024, in your calendars. Bashar’s live stream event, “Countdown to Contact: Year One,” promises to be a mind-expanding, transformative experience. From delving into open contact processes to understanding the true nature of Bashar’s people and engaging in a riveting Q&A session, this event has it all. So join us, embrace your cosmic curiosity, and let Bashar be your guide to the galactic wonders that await. See you on the other side, fellow seekers of truth!