Can Being Present Become Overwhelming? | Eckhart Answers

So to completely rest within yourself Completely come to a the doing needs to Come to a stop but you cannot make that Stopping into a doing because then okay I need to stop my doing mode that's more Doing Can you speak about how to be in this World with this constant push for Connectivity on the internet Without feeling that being present is Another thing to do You can make a list Of things to do Answer emails Check Facebook Uh Makes these four or five phone calls Write the report [Music] Call you Uh Stock broker therapist whatever And Number seven Be present Yes it's a good question the Being present isn't something although Sometimes when we talk about it it Sounds as if it were something that you Do In the same way that when people Meditate many of you probably Have a meditation practice

And there's that sense that okay now I Have to do my meditation It might even be on your list of things To do But the very idea That you are now doing in meditation can Be an obstacle to the to doing any an Actually effective meditation Because you're still doing something And so even while you sit and you Whatever the technique is it could be That There's still that sense of Doing and even even there could even be A remnant of stress there because you're Doing but you also know that there are Many other things that you still have to Do but no you really have to do this Meditation I'm doing it Don't disturb me I'm doing it I'm trying To do a meditation trying I dive so much on my plate To So the very sense that you're doing Something can be the obstacle because We could say that meditation or prep Being present is the realization of Being That's always already there but just not Realized So it's not doing at all It's the other dimension in which There's no doing but there's being

And that is the fundamental dimension Ultimately There can be no doing without being Being is the unconditioned consciousness So to completely rest within yourself Completely come to a the doing needs to Come to a stop but you cannot make that Stopping into a doing because then okay I need to stop my doing mode that's more Doing But if your approach is Just be with what is completely Nothing to do nothing to achieve nowhere To go Just being here Aware Aware of whatever Appears in that space of awareness And If possible and it is possible Aware That you are aware That's it So there's no doing So you're gone you've gone into being Realized being It was always there and is always there It's just overlooked continuously Because of a certain State of Consciousness in which the thinking mode Has become so overwhelming That you have lost touch with the Deeper Dimension within yourself Now when I say lost touch

Does that imply that once you human as a You I mean Humanity Or you Does that mean that once you were in Touch with that Dimension perhaps you Were in touch with that as a baby Until You started to think But you went if that is the case you Were in touch with it Unconsciously you didn't know it it was A natural state But it seems that if you go back to into A prehistory Humanity They Many many uh in many many traditions and Ancient civilizations There is a myth of the golden age Once We had that in the Old Testament it's Right now that's Paradise or the Garden Of Eden And there are other myths of different Parts of the world Including India and so on there of the Mess of a very distant past when the Suffering wasn't there The unhappiness wasn't there it was the Golden Age It's just is that just A story a Wishful thing Or is it something some very distant Memory of a different state of Consciousness

And I would suggest that it is Very distant memory of something that we Kind of lost it was not absolutely Correct word But it does not mean that those ancient Humans in prehistory Or necessarily what we we know very Little about anything that goes beyond Three thousand years ago but and that's Little But it seems that uh humans lived in Connectedness with the source Because the mind had not yet either not Yet started up started to produce Thoughts or only very rudimentary Thoughts And they were still able to rest in that In that In the in the in the being in the same Way that a cat or a dog I'm using those Two because Many of you have observed them that you Because you have lived with them you Lived them when they rest they rest Completely And you can You can become if you contemplate a cat At rest It can help you to actually become still Or a dog to go Completely Even if they're not asleep yet they're Just Some years ago I saw a movie I think it

Was called one Million Years BC this is The ridiculous ridiculous title As if two thousand years made a Difference in one million years But it was called one Million Years BC And you saw these Transitional beings between animal and Human they were already walking and that Certain Already producing certain sounds but not Yet words or just through the very Rudimentary sounds that are beginning to Represent things And then they got into a fight between Two tribes Still making partly animal-like sounds And then the fight comes to an end if You get killed And in the evening they sit around the Fire and it's very done very well I Don't know if the rest of the movie is Any good but I just remember that Particular scene they sit around the Fire they have already They've they've just covered how to make Fire that's an amazing thing And they sit around the fire and instead Of talking because they haven't got a Language about what just happened an Hour ago They just sit in there completely just At rest they sit around the fire and They all go hmm Oh

No no novice excitement left because It's not being kept Alive by the mind And the memory they're rooted again Their return they're rooted in being And that's the so the every animal is More deeply connected it's still a Deeper connection with being but it's It's an unconscious connection it Doesn't know anything else it's a Natural state And it's quite likely that Jones once Had that in the evolutionary Journey And then they started to think which Wasn't a bad thing it was an amazing Thing that they began to think That was just associated with the Creation of language of course also That's an amazing thing when they Discovered they could produce certain Sounds to represent things amazing and Then they could produce sounds to Represent activities And then they began to realize They were having these sounds in their Head too that not they were beginning to Hear thoughts in their head And some anthropologists believe that Not everybody agrees They believe that at that time Humans mistook Theory the arising thoughts as Gods Talking to them So they heard their own thoughts and Said oh

What do you want me to do Kill that neighboring tribe okay And then perhaps the first time a few Humans experienced sleepless nights And that was just the beginning But an amazing it was an amazing Evolutionary step forward In order to entire civilization many Civilizations arose out of that an Amazing thing But There was a huge price to pay there's Always a price to pay in this world of Opposites There was a huge price to pay for that And we all know what that is it's loss Of Connectedness with the source Your Alienated From the source Unhappy Foreign