Capricorn astrological tarot reading May 2023

Hi Capricorn this is Sandy Couture and I Am here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Capricorn for The month of May 2023 this reading goes From the 1st of May to the end of May And I may change back to that format the Big astrological some of the big Astrological news for all of us is that We are currently experiencing a Mercury Retrograde in Taurus another Earth sign And the sun will be conjunct or close to It and what that does is add power to This retrograde what else is adding Power to this retrograde is we are in The middle of eclipse season We just experienced a new moon solar our Lunar eclipse in a Aries about a week Ago and before the end of this month we Will experiencing uh we will be Experiencing a full moon eclipse in Scorpio so we're really being asked to Dive deep dive deep and take a look at Anything that is blocking our progress Any Old Wounds we haven't acknowledged Peel that onion skin back one more layer And see what's going on and then you're Able to move forward So really and truly that's all we can do And Capricorn you're usually pretty good At this and you're usually good at Putting your one foot forward in front Of the other however the first card that I pulled for you is the hero Phantom Hierophant and this card is kind of like

The pope but what this card signifies in A reading is that you don't need any More information or any more rituals you Already have all the information you Need and it's time for you to step out Into the world and show Yourself and everyone else That you are walking your talk you know We can learn everything that we're Supposed to do but unless we actually Incorporate it into our life it's still Only up in our head so don't let that Happen to you Capricorn the surprise or Challenge card for you is Um actually the next two cards are about Not overextending or also Knowing where your resources are going This is money resources but it also Represents spirituality emotional Well-being intellectual well-being and Physicality so just be aware and keep Track of how you're spending your Resources over the next four weeks the Process card is the Knight of Pentacles Now you can see this Knight looks a Little bit alarmed uh partially because He's overextending himself a little bit But um the reality is that he has Everything going for him I'm not sure if This one has a an owl in it It has a bunny In the card which is basically about Fertility and Um abundance so just don't overextend

Yourself for the next four weeks just go Slow and steady slow and steady wins the Race and the most likely outcome card is The nine of Pentacles this is a fabulous Outcome card Pentacles are about Financial well-being and this girl this Woman has built her life in in a way That she needs nothing she has all of Her needs are met and she is in a Wonderful wonderful place in her life And that's where you are Capricorn so You just keep moving forward and Um don't overextend yourself this month Walk your talk you already have all the Information in your head you don't need Any more use what you have and move Forward in action hopefully that was Helpful for you Capricorns and I hope You have a wonderful month bye now