Exploring the Origins of Water: Insights from Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger’s groundbreaking work offers deep insights into the origins of water. His unique perspective provides a remarkable understanding of this life-sustaining element. This blog post explores the fascinating discoveries and theories proposed by Schauberger, shedding light on the intricate nature of water and its significance in our world. Through his pioneering research and observations, Schauberger’s contributions continue to shape our understanding of the origins and properties of water, uncovering its remarkable secrets for humanity’s benefit.


In the fascinating field of hydrodynamics, there have been various theories and experiments conducted to understand the intricate nature of water. One prominent figure who delved into this subject was Viktor Schauberger. In a thought-provoking video titled “Exploring the Origins of Water: Insights from Viktor Schauberger”, Dale Pond presents an illuminating review of Schauberger’s theories and experiments. Through an engaging narrative and captivating visuals, Pond sheds light on the birth of water and the process of fertilization according to Viktor Schauberger.

Viktor Schauberger – A Trailblazer in Hydrodynamics

Viktor Schauberger was a maverick Austrian naturalist and engineer who challenged conventional wisdom in the realm of water. He believed that water possesses a life force and can be harnessed to bring about extraordinary transformations. Schauberger’s pioneering approach to understanding water set him apart from contemporaries and made him a trailblazer in the field of hydrodynamics.

The Birth of Water and the Process of Fertilization

One of the key concepts Viktor Schauberger explored was the idea of the birth of water. In his research, Schauberger postulated that water is not a static substance but rather an energetic entity with a dynamic lifecycle. According to his theories, the process of fertilization lies at the heart of water’s creation.

  • The motion of water is defined by the disintegration of the original UFO (Unforeseeable Foreign Object). It signifies the base element from which water is formed, much like the fertilization process in nature.
  • As water particles are set in motion, a free-falling droplet of water releases an energetic state, measured at about 12,000 seed volts. This energy represents the potential for transformation within water.
  • The energetic state of the water droplet is then conducted into a glass bulb containing oxygen, resulting in the appearance of the same number of water droplets. This process symbolizes the birth of water through induced motion.

Insights from the Experiments

Schauberger’s experiments provided valuable insights into the nature of water and its inherent properties. Dale Pond’s review of these experiments in the video showcases the remarkable observations made by Schauberger.

  1. Water as a Living Entity

    Schauberger’s experiments revealed that water possesses a life force and resembles organic matter in its behavior. His findings support the notion that water is not merely an inanimate substance, but rather a living entity with its own intrinsic intelligence.

  2. The Importance of Flow

    Schauberger emphasized the significance of the natural flow of water. He believed that water should be allowed to follow its natural course, avoiding any disruptive interventions that can hinder its vitality. By aligning with the natural flow, Schauberger asserted that we can harness the positive energy that water possesses.

  3. Spiritual Impact of Water

    Schauberger recognized the spiritual impact of water and highlighted its potential to restore harmony in nature and within ourselves. His experiments demonstrated that water has the ability to absorb and transmit information, making it a powerful medium for promoting healing and rejuvenation.

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  4. Water’s Role in Fertility

    Schauberger’s research delved into the relationship between water and fertility. He believed that water, when in its natural state, has the ability to promote growth and nourishment. By understanding and harnessing the vital qualities of water, Schauberger proposed that we can create a conducive environment for life to flourish.

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Dale Pond’s review of Viktor Schauberger’s theories and experiments in the video “Exploring the Origins of Water: Insights from Viktor Schauberger” offers a captivating glimpse into the profound understanding of water’s origins. Through Schauberger’s unique perspective, we are invited to see water not as a passive element, but as a dynamic, living force with transformative properties.

Schauberger’s exploration of the birth of water and the process of fertilization sheds new light on the fundamental nature of this precious resource. It challenges conventional thinking, inviting us to consider the profound implications of water’s energetic state and its potential for both physical and spiritual transformation.

By opening our minds to Schauberger’s insights, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the vital role water plays in our world and strive to work in harmony with its natural flow. As we continue to explore the origins of water through the lens of innovators like Viktor Schauberger, we unlock new possibilities for a symbiotic relationship with this extraordinary substance.

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