Exploring Your Future with Astrological Tarot Reading: A Insights into Scorpio’s July 2023 Prediction


Hello, readers! I’m here to talk a little bit about my experience as an astrological tarot reader, and to give you some insights into what Scorpio can expect in July 2023. As someone who believes in the spiritual power of the universe and the importance of self-care, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with all of you. So, let’s get started!

Finding Inner Balance

Scorpio, as we look to the future, we see a month of self-care and rejuvenation ahead of us. The universe wants you to focus on finding inner balance in July 2023. You’ve been putting in a lot of effort lately, and it’s time to take a break and reflect on all the hard work you’ve done. Whether it’s taking a trip, spending time with friends and family, or indulging in a hobby you love, remember to make time for yourself.

The King of Cups

As I pulled the cards for Scorpio’s July 2023 prediction, the first card revealed was the King of Cups. This card represents emotions and earthly well-being, and it suggests that now is a good time to take care of yourself. Pay attention to what your soul is telling you and give yourself permission to experience the full range of emotions. Remember, it’s okay to feel. Don’t suppress your feelings, honor them.

Opposing Energies

However, the universe can be complicated, and Scorpio may feel opposition from Uranus and Jupiter in the coming months. These planets may bring choices and situations that require a response, and it’s vital to trust your intuition as these energies challenge you.

The Two of Cups

The next card I pulled was the Two of Cups, the surprise or challenge card. This card calls for balance and harmony between two people. It might indicate the beginning of a new romantic relationship, or it could point to a crucial partnership in your life. Scorpio, this card is asking you to balance yourself and your relationships. Don’t lose sight of the people who support you in your journey.

The Nine of Cups

The most likely outcome for Scorpio in July 2023 is represented by the Nine of Cups card. This card is a success card, signifying reaching a pinnacle and sharing bounty. You can expect to receive recognition for all your hard work and to achieve success in your endeavors. Be ready to share your rewards with the people who helped you get there.


In conclusion, I hope that this astrological tarot reading has given you some insight into what Scorpio can expect in July 2023. Remember to honor your emotions, maintain balance in your relationships, and give yourself permission to rest and rejuvenate. Also, feel free to reach out to me via sandygg@me.com if you have any questions or are interested in booking a personal reading. Thank you.