Gemini, Astrological tarot reading May 2023

Hi Gemini this is Sandy Couture and I am Here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Gemini for the Month of May 2023 Um I know this video is late I was uh Traveling and I just didn't wasn't able To find a good place to actually do it While I was away so it's a little late And the big astrological news is we are In Mercury retrograde Mercury retrograde Is about slowing down and reviewing What's happened for the past three Months and possibly planning for the Next three months but we're also in the Middle of a eclipse season we've had a Lunar eclipse in New Moon Aries and We're going to have an eclipse in a full Moon Scorpio so we're in a place where We really need to take a look at what's Happening and and how things are Happening for us and go dive deep into Where it is we want to be and and what's Going on so the first card that I pulled For you Gemini is the strength card this Is a major Arcana it's about Um major arcanas are about our paths in Life now this card you can see it's a Slight woman with a lion holding him Loosely by a chain and she's not doing That by by power or Force she is not Doing that by force she is doing that Using her internal power to know that She can handle whatever comes up years Ago I read a book called power versus

Force I recommend it to anybody because It really talks about not forcing things To happen to have the power to maintain Your direction and your positive thought Processes to get where you want to be so The surprise or challenge card is that They're asking you to use your Imagination this month Gemini cups are About emotions now Gemini are air that's Not an emotional sign but this is asking You to go into your emotions and ask Yourself if nothing we're standing in The way what would your perfect Emotional life look like it's got that Cup in the sky pie in the sky so um ask Yourself that the um process card for You this month goes along with using Your heart and your internal self to Make decisions not just your brain this Is the moon card and the moon card is About using your intuition the Moon is About the deep emotional Um understandings that you have and Gemini don't usually want to go there Air signs are not known for being able To handle the down and dirty emotions So but this month you're being asked to Do that so use power versus Force keep Yourself on the positive movement Focus on positive dreams in your life Use your intuition to move forward and The most likely outcome card is success In whatever it is you try to do or are Moving towards this is the Ace of

Pentacles and this is usually a good Money card this is a card that indicates Money coming to you but it's also about Success and whatever it is you're moving Forward in aces are always considered Gifts from God So your most likely outcome is to have a Gift from God towards the end of this Month in a positive Um outcome for what it is you desire so Hopefully that was helpful for you Gemini's out there take care have a Wonderful month