Highlights of Bashar’s Presentation on “The Silver Cord

Highlights of Bashar’s Presentation on “The Silver Cord”


In this article, we will explore the fascinating topic of “The Silver Cord,” as presented by Bashar. The Silver Cord is believed to be a connection between our physical and spiritual selves, representing the projection of our consciousness into physical reality. According to Bashar, understanding and strengthening this connection can lead to a deeper connection with our higher mind and spirit self.

Let us dive into the highlights of Bashar’s presentation on “The Silver Cord.”

The Silver Cord as a Connection

Bashar explains that the Silver Cord is an energetic thread that connects our physical aspect with our spiritual aspect. It is through this cord that our consciousness expands and explores physical reality. The Silver Cord can be seen as a lifeline that keeps us connected to our higher mind and spirit self.

Strengthening the Connection

To enhance our connection with our higher mind and spirit self, Bashar emphasizes the need to strengthen the Silver Cord. Just like a muscle, the Silver Cord can be exercised and developed. By consciously directing our attention towards this connection, we can open ourselves to a greater flow of higher wisdom and guidance.

Exercise for Enhanced Communication

Bashar provides a simple yet powerful exercise to enhance our communication with our higher mind. He suggests finding a quiet space, closing our eyes, and focusing our attention on the Silver Cord. Imagining the cord becoming thicker and stronger, we open ourselves to receive clearer insights and messages from our higher mind.

Shifting Realities and the Silver Cord

According to Bashar, shifting between realities does not involve “kicking out” existing versions of ourselves. Instead, everything is constantly shifting and moving simultaneously. We may occupy the spot that someone else used to occupy, but they have already moved on. The concept of replacement is incorrect, as nothing is standing still to be replaced by something else.

Constant Movement and Evolution

Bashar highlights that the universe is constantly in flux, with infinite possibilities and potential realities. Our consciousness moves and shifts along with these possibilities, always evolving and exploring new experiences. The Silver Cord acts as a navigational tool, allowing us to consciously direct our journey and align with the highest expression of our being.


“The Silver Cord” presented by Bashar reveals a deeper understanding of the connection between our physical and spiritual selves. Strengthening this connection through the exercises provided by Bashar enables us to tap into the wisdom of our higher mind and spirit self. As we grasp the concept of constant movement and evolution, we can navigate our reality with a sense of expansion and purpose.

So, let us embrace the power of the Silver Cord and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Remember, we are not replacing anyone or being replaced ourselves. We are simply flowing and shifting within the endless tapestry of existence.

As Bashar says, “The Silver Cord is your way home.”