Is Eckhart Happy? | Eckhart on True Happiness and How to Find Joy

So usually happiness exists as part of The Play of opposites you experience the Happiness because something makes you Happy And then that thing that made you happy Either leaves you or the very thing that Made you happy suddenly makes you Unhappy Marriage for example And for some reason by some strange Synchronistic event I have two questions Here which may be by the same person Hmm Are you happy And then the other one with so much Sadness in the world how can I feel Joy And happy Be happy Am I happy [Music] No I wouldn't call it happy Some people might use that word to to Talk about to point to a very a deeper State of Connectedness with being but Conventionally happy Really is the Opposite to unhappy and so you go from Happy to unhappy is There [Music] You know the two masks that uh for

Theater comedy and tragedy the two masks One is a comedy And then there's a tragedy So usually happiness exists as part of The Play of opposites you experience the Happiness because something makes you Happy And then that thing that made you happy Either leaves you or the very thing that Made you happy suddenly makes you Unhappy Marriage for example [Music] Or a relationship Before you start living together you're Happy when you start living together You're unhappy So what is if it's not happy what are we Talking about the There's a If you Let go of thinking and remain as the Awareness Then there is in that that awareness Emanates a certain piece Alive Peace Of joy Peace a peaceful Joyful sense of aliveness In a piece maybe a better word than Happiness but one would have to add to It

It's an alive peace it's not the piece Of uh having deadened yourself through Emotions Or anything like that it's an alive Intensely alive piece you can sense it Even if it's only just a glimpse right Now Surrender thought And of course Right now if you're not thinking About the problems of your life There are no problems in this moment There's only a sense of beingness or Liveness And that is the connectedness with being And so you transcend the Opposites Between happiness and unhappiness I have a chapter in the course and not In the course in marriage I didn't write That well In a way I did because all books are Written by the one Consciousness but Anyway let's just in conventional terms I didn't write it I don't claim on it Became the authorship causing Miracles But in a deeper sense of course I did Write it and you did too Because we are the one consciousness So Be I in The Power of Now there's a Little subject called Beyond happiness and unhappiness there's Peace So instead of being subject to the

Fluctuations of happiness and Unhappiness there's that peace Where You realize the essence of Who You Are And so you're no longer ego based Form identity yes but not identification With form identity so it doesn't turn Into ego And then you function in this world from That place Of inner peace and Whatever you do or who you come into Contact with that Your actions your thoughts become a Manifestation of that And that's if more people enter that Place then more people become peaceful Human beings and do not contribute to Conflict in the world The Madness of the World don't contribute to the madness of The world Come back to the question with so much Sadness in the world how can I feel Joy And happy No yes there is a huge amount of Suffering in the world Why is there suffering because humans Are Disconnected from the source of who they Are And that is the Fundamental source of suffering that's How it arises So if you say I refuse to be happy until

There's no more suffering in this world Okay So the the end of suffering then I'm Waiting for it out there and you might Even become very active I'm going to Bring about the end of suffering you do Good things But you haven't brought about the end of Suffering in yourself So How is the end of suffering going to Happen even if you do good deeds which Is a wonderful thing But if you are unhappy doing good deeds Then that unhappiness also flows into How you do those things and your Interactions with other people It has to the the shift in this world The end of suffering to use the Buddhist Terminology the Buddha described his Teaching as Pointing the way to the end of suffering That's the Buddha's teaching He never used to he used a negative term End of suffering Jesus talked about The Kingdom of Heaven which is within You he used a positive term They talked both talking about the same Thing So the end of suffering has to begin With you And then it spreads And because That changes the way in which you

Experience the world it affects others And Then what you your relationship with Other human beings changes fundamentally Because only when you are in Connectedness with the essence of Who You Are Can you have harmonious relationships With others and can you have feel a this Deep sense of Good Will towards other Human beings not conditional upon Whether they happen to agree with you Or belong to the same political party Or belong to the same religion Or belong to the same Nation It doesn't depend on that the same tribe No to have a a good will of benevolence Towards all humans that you come into Contact with no matter what their Conditioning is that can only come from That deep connectedness with being And where you you do not automatically And Unconsciously judge others the moment You meet them Or even in an abstract by judge an Entire group of people as less than Human As evil though I mean even in in Europe That was not that long ago First half of the 20th century Entire nations came into violent Conflict And so there was

Unbelievable unconsciousness of and Collective ego on a massive scale So it needs to start with you then this Benevolence is good will Changes the way in which you interact With other humans and that changes on a Small scale and then gradually others Other human beings here and there can Also Go to that place within and then start To live it the the end of suffering and Let's forget about happiness Laughs Let's talk about peace so it starts with You be the change somebody said it was It Nelson Mandela or Gandhi I don't know The one Consciousness said it Be the change that you want to see in The world so if you want to see peace You have to embody the peace The end of suffering needs to start with You yourself you're suffering that's the End of suffering on the planet and then You can show the way to others too you Don't necessarily have to become a Spiritual teacher but you may but in Some way when you even you don't even Need to fully Embody that shift in Consciousness fully Enlightened Master no even just to be Undergoing the transformational process You already begin to teach so to speak Even though you might not teach in a Conventional sense of the word but

Whoever you come into contact with you Affect with your state of consciousness You become a teacher of God Foreign

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