Leo Astrological Tarot Reading for August 2023: Insights and Predictions


In this astrological tarot reading for Leo, we aim to provide insights and predictions for the month of August 2023. As astrologers, we understand the significance of celestial influences and their impact on our lives. Please note that individual experiences may vary, and this reading should be taken as a general guide.

Venus Retrograde and Saturn’s Pressure

For Leo, the month of August brings a significant astrological aspect – Venus retrograde in combination with Saturn’s pressure. This alignment may bring past issues to the forefront, urging Leo to confront and resolve them. It’s a period of reflection and introspection, where old wounds may resurface for healing.

The Balanced State: The Temperance Card

Drawing the Temperance card suggests that Leo is currently in a state of balance. This card symbolizes the need to find harmony within oneself and the external world. It signifies a time of equilibrium, where emotions and actions are in sync. Leo’s innate ability to navigate challenges with grace and poise will serve them well during this month.

Dedication and Mastery: The Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles reflects Leo’s dedication to their craft and the pursuit of excellence. This card signifies hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to doing a good job. It suggests that Leo’s efforts will bear fruit in the long run, as they continue to refine their skills and master their chosen path.

Balancing Act: The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups serves as a reminder for Leo to maintain balance in their emotional, physical, and spiritual realms. This card represents harmony in relationships, unity, and the merging of energies. It highlights the importance of nurturing oneself and maintaining a sense of equilibrium in all aspects of life.

The Most Likely Outcome: The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles emerges as the most likely outcome for Leo in August 2023. This card emphasizes the importance of tapping into feminine energy, embracing abundance, and nurturing oneself. It suggests that Leo will find fulfillment and stability by grounding themselves in the nurturing qualities represented by the Queen of Pentacles.


We hope this astrological tarot reading provides valuable insights for Leo in navigating the month of August 2023. Remember that while celestial influences play a role, personal choices and actions ultimately shape our experiences. Embrace the opportunities for growth and transformation that arise during this period. We wish all Leo’s a wonderful month filled with balance, dedication, and abundant blessings.