Libra, astrological, tarot reading, May 2023

Hi Libra this is Sandy Couture and I am Here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Libra for the Month of May 2023 Um we are in Taurus season right now Until almost the 20th of this month and Um one of the big astrological Implications or news that affects us all Is Mercury retrograde in Taurus right Now and it's close to the Sun so it's a Pretty potent one but basically Retrogrades are all about taking time to Review the last three months and what's Been going on with your life so Um this one is serious you need to take The time to do it and it's also serious Because we are in the middle of eclipse Season we just had a lunar eclipse in a New moon in Aries which was a very Powerful New Moon New Beginnings come You know put together with Aries is All About new directions and we also are Going to have a full moon uh eclipse at The end of this month in Scorpio so There's it's asked the universe God Whatever you want to say your angels Your guardian angels your Spirit guides Are all asking you to look deep see what It is that you truly desire bring up Things that might be blocking you Emotions or information that might be Blocking you from reaching your heart's Desire and let it go because it's time To do that so the first card that I

Pulled for you Libra is the Ten of Wands And Libra you're mostly Burns I know are Pretty much on the go and this guy is Carrying this burden even though it's an Action card and it's moving forward and He is moving forward and you can see He's moving toward the light you know Away from the dark so there is a light At the end of the tunnel that means just Keep putting one foot in front of the Other sometimes you get a little setback Or you you feel like you're not going to Make it where it is you're going but you Are keep moving forward Um The Challenge card for you is the um Seven of or Six of Pentacles and this Card reminds us to be careful where We're spending our our resources whether It's emotional physical mental or Spiritual resources just be careful Where you're allowing those to be Drained from you or giving it away this Guy can't even see the faces of the Hands that he's giving these uh Pentacles to so the process card for you Is to allow help to come to you when it Does this guy is like your wonderful Happy Grandpa who has a lot and he is Willing to share I love this Um card it makes me feel really good and Warm and fuzzy so there's help coming Your way allow it to envelop you and Wrap you up and help you to move forward This month

And the most likely outcome card is the Fool card now the fool is not really a Fool you know the the jesters in the Court system were really very very smart They had to be able to make fun of the King and the court without offending Anybody enough that they would get Killed so they had to really be upon are Good on their feet with their wit and It's also about trusting this is like Innocence trust that your desires are Moving towards you that which we are Seeking is seeking us so let people help You let circumstances help you don't Feel overburdened but just be careful Where you're allowing your resources to Be spent this month Libra so hopefully That was helpful for you librans out There and I hope you have a wonderful Month thank you for watching