Life Mastery Meditation with Eckhart Tolle | A Special Meditation on The Nature of Consciousness

Welcome to our live meditation Are you conscious at this moment Of course you're conscious because you See Me on the screen your wealthy Place where you are the room Doors [Music] Your way of other things my voice other Noises perhaps or your You know that you are conscious because You're aware of these things You were not conscious You would not see me or hear my voice So that is kind of secondary evidence That you are conscious But it's not primary Evidence So secondary evidence you're conscious Of Things your conscious of sense Perceptions you're conscious of thoughts Or emotions And those things together sense Perceptions thoughts Other mental activities Mental images And emotions And those things Make up your life A mixture of things But those are the ingredients that make Up what you call your life Science perceptions

Thoughts or mental images And feelings of emotions Now the way in which these are mixed Differs from a possible person But those are the ingredients that make Up what you call your life So you must be conscious for these to Arise They appear in the light of Consciousness Or the space of consciousness And then there's something else there's Primary evidence And that's what one may call Spiritual Awakening When you no longer you're no longer Totally Drawn into Identified with Reacting to Sense perceptions thoughts emotions And Without primary evidence which we could Call Spiritual Awakening You are actually unconscious spiritually Speaking Consciousness only reveals itself to you In disguise Pursuing a certain form And sends perceptions brought in order And that draws you in Gives to your sense of Who You Are A sense of identity Which is derived from

Your life your life situation That gives you your sense of identity Which includes the past Things you have experience which means Perceived thought about Felt And these Leaf traces And so in the present moment you still Remember these things Re-experience that in your mind That's new But you're not really awake spiritually Speaking Unless Or until You're not only conscious Of Those things that I mentioned But you're also conscious That you are conscious Conscious Or aware Of awareness aware of yourself as Awareness a way of yourself as Consciousness Beware of That Formless dimension Within yourself In which For a moment thought or thinking is Subsided And you can sense an underlying presence Beings

Aliveness The loudness These are all just pointers Steal this Right now I'm not asking you to become still But to realize That dimension of Consciousness that we Call Stillness that's always already There Underneath all the thinking But you didn't know it So still this is actually a beautiful Pointer If you haven't read my little book Stillness Speaks or haven't looked at it In a long time Go back to it Read a page or two And see if it Enables you To enter the dimension of students to Find the dimensional Stillness within You that's what the book is for not to Give you more information But it gives you pointers Sign policies If I remember correctly the first entry The first sentence in the book is you're Never more essentially yourself Then when you are still That feeling of being you Of identity That comes out of that Stillness that is

The Stillness That is more essentially Who You Are Than your historical Person The identity that depends on Your life situation and your past So we have two So to speak identities One is Time based Thought based And The other is Responders That consciousness To be aware of that Is The aim of meditation And here we are not even using any Techniques I'm just giving you Pointers But also I'm conveying to you The reality of Consciousness Itself That's what the still is the Stillness That is also primordial intelligence So The Mastery of Life consists In being able to Operate on the level of form Thinking and doing

That at the same time Not losing touch With The awareness The Stillness At first it appears as Two things that you consciously During the day Become aware of yourself as awareness Become aware of the little spaces Between thoughts Develop the ability To relinquish thinking if only for a few Seconds Either by size Or by realizing that sometimes Thinking subsides naturally For example when you look at something Beautiful In nature Sky or some change in the ocean or the River or the sound of the rain the sound Of the Wind Is an appreciation Of what you perceive And give it your first attention And there's a little space in which the Perception happens without any Conceptualization In other words the Mind does not comment On it in the fast Moment of perceiving it when you feel An inner connectedness with what you're Receiving and you've just local you just

Listening And the realization of beauty arises in That moment of non-conceptual Thinking About thinking And when that arises naturally as it Sometimes does it might doesn't even Necessarily have to be when you look at Something beautiful it could happen Any moment All the natural things are more Conducive To that State of Consciousness then you Become suddenly become aware of why this Moment feels so alive so good so Peaceful Because You're in touch with The dimension of Consciousness itself Not the not just the form that Consciousness has taken Good Consciousness itself It's an underlying alone Stillness Let's ask nature can Reconnect you with the deeper dimension Of yourself as sometimes call it the Essence Identity as opposed to the farm identity So the Mastery of life is moving In the two Dimensions so to speak Not losing yourself in the form identity With millions and millions of people all Over the world Are doing that without knowing it

Completely absorbed in their mind sense Perceptions but it's all basically Happens in their mind of course Completely identified with that That's the unconscious state It's a strange Thing is that almost Seems like a paradox All of their moments when beauty of your Book will become a way of beauty that uh Partners into The unconditioned Pure Consciousness awareness that you Are That is true But as far as your life situation is Concerned the strange thing is It's often when things are not going Well on the level of form That you're more likely to Discover The dimension of essence in their self Performance And by not going well I mean when There's a Disruption of your normal life Pattern of your normal life so Accident illness Loss So I'm disruption So on the floor if on the level of form Things Don't go well anymore you can become Very unhappy it's usually

The case but there's also the Possibility of That it increases your motivation To go deeper But you don't have to wait for that here Because [Music] As you begin to awaken spiritually you You consciously choose to go to that Dimension To discover the dimension In yourself so you don't have to wait For things to Break down