Mastering the Art: Persisting until it becomes your second nature


Mastering a skill requires persistence, dedication, and passion. It takes time and effort to become proficient in any craft, and the art of creating shorts is no exception. If you find yourself constantly immersed in the process of creating shorts, ensuring that you have at least one before bedtime, and experiencing the impact they have on your life, then you are well on your way to mastering this art. In this article, we will explore the importance of consistency and how it can help you persist until creating shorts becomes your second nature.

The Habit of Creating Shorts

Creating shorts has become a habit for you. It’s something you feel compelled to do each day, almost like a personal challenge. Whether you create them for personal enjoyment or for professional purposes, the process has become ingrained in your daily routine. By exercising this habit consistently, you are nurturing your skills and honing your craft.

Spontaneous Ideas Lead to More Shorts

Inspiration strikes at unexpected moments. You may be going about your day, engaging in various activities, and suddenly a brilliant idea for a short pops into your mind. These spontaneous ideas serve as fuel for your creativity, propelling you to create more shorts. By being open to these moments of inspiration and capturing them in your creations, you are constantly pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

Sharing Your Shorts with Your Team

Once you have created your shorts, you eagerly send them to your team. Whether it’s for graphics, text, or feedback, involving others in the process adds depth and perspective to your creations. Collaboration allows for the exchange of ideas and helps refine your work. It also creates a sense of accountability, as you strive to meet the expectations of your team and constantly improve your skills.

Making Shorts a Part of Your Life

Doing something repeatedly makes it a part of your life. Creating shorts has become an integral aspect of your daily routine. It’s not just a task to be ticked off the to-do list; it’s a practice that brings you joy and fulfillment. As you continue to create shorts, you find that they have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of your life.

The Impact of Shorts on Your Life

Creating hundreds of shorts has had a significant impact on your life. Not only have you improved your skills and unleashed your creativity, but you have also built a portfolio of work that showcases your abilities. These shorts have opened up doors of opportunities and brought you recognition in your field. They have become a powerful tool for self-expression and have allowed you to connect with a wider audience.

Consistency: The Key to Mastery

Consistency is crucial in mastering any skill. It is the unwavering commitment to practice, grow, and improve. By persisting in creating shorts consistently, you are ensuring that you are continuously learning and evolving as an artist. Consistency allows for the exploration of different styles, techniques, and themes, expanding your creative repertoire.


Persisting until creating shorts becomes your second nature requires dedication, passion, and consistency. By nurturing the habit of creating shorts, embracing spontaneous ideas, involving your team, and making it a part of your daily life, you are well on your way to mastering this art form. The impact of shorts on your life will continue to grow, opening up new avenues of creativity, opportunity, and personal fulfillment. Remember, consistency is the key that unlocks the door to mastery. Keep creating, keep persisting, and soon enough, creating shorts will indeed become your second nature.

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