No Story, No Problem | Eckhart Tolle on Eliminating Your Own Suffering

But this is frustrating to the ego Because when there's no longer any story Where you oppose the other Where you make yourself feel superior to The other then there's no food for the Ego anymore Hopefully you had a light meal Otherwise all your Consciousness will be Drawn into the stomach Thank you I'm beginning to receive your questions Thank you very much We will this evening have our fast Session dealing with questions If possible right as legibly as you can We otherwise I'll get really irritated [Laughter] Foreign Do they expect me to read this to be Able to read this Why can't they write melangeably isn't It common sense that they should write Relatedly why why do people tell you Things like that [Music] That would be a normal ego reaction to Something that in itself Is perfectly okay because you can either Read it or you can't But The ego adds a story to it And behind the story is always An attempt to be more right than the Other person

There's always an attempt to have in Some kind of superiority it's Unconscious of course ego is always Unconscious And this is Alternatively what actually I don't get Irritated as you might have guessed If there's a paper that's not legible I Look at it okay Um I will put this aside and give it More attention later in the meantime I'll read the legible ones and then if This Is giving more attention there's no Problem without a story And there's no you are not wrong and I'm Not right this is just what is it's just Just a tiny example of the difference Between Aligning yourself To the simple business of the present Moment and imposing A story on it in the service Of the self That wants to Inflate itself Indignation Irritation They should Why do they don't they know better I said or they're all stories in the Service of A false sense of self And so all the

In the presence All this what I sometimes call Unnecessary baggage That people Manufacture mentally and emotionally All that unnecessary baggage that really Is a there's a heaviness to it that they Carry around Doesn't arise anymore unless the simple The SE is what is I can either do this Or I can do that I can deal with it now I can put it aside This No story but this is frustrating to the Ego because when there's no longer any Story where you oppose the other Where you make yourself feel superior to The other then there's no food for the Ego anymore But there's an incredible lightness and The lightness of being comes and the Heaviness goes out of situations That really that's what the ego is A heavy me And even when it Attempts to make itself Superior What it doesn't recognize Is that all these are really forms of Suffering the ego doesn't even recognize Suffering as suffering It doesn't realize that when you get Angry or irritated about somebody else's Behavior and Bring up a big story about it you are

Actually in a state of suffering If you were able to have attention into In your body you would notice that your Body is Suffering because those things affect The smooth harmonious Working of the energy field That goes through the body so an angry Thought Has an effect on the body Small irritation or it has an effect and The body doesn't really like it But the ego the ego itself is not in Touch with the body so it and it Mistakes Suffering for something good Anger can really get into this So you can look at your own life and see Where you are manufacturing unnecessary Stories both in small situations And in bigger live situations And in situations to do with Relatives family members Partners Ex-partners a wonderful source of egoic Stories And talk about your ex-husband or wife For hours either to somebody else if They're ready to listen Or in your own mind Or you had a confrontation or an Exchange with somebody yesterday and you Can Go on continue that in your mind and say

So many hurtful things to the other Person that unfortunately you couldn't Think of in the situation But you can relive it now and it's Almost as good as the real thing So in that fantasy world of the mind you Can be right again and again and the Other person can be wrong again and Again how wonderful Thank you These things are not all this is what we Call unconscious so so people don't know What they are doing that for them that Is their reality No can we understand why Jesus said Forgive them for they know not what they Do Unconscious It's an automatic process of Ego inflation of ego reinforcement It's conditioned land it's part of the Structure of the Mind