October 2023 Astrological Tarot Reading for Virgo

The October 2023 Astrological Tarot Reading for Virgo provides valuable insights into their celestial journey. With an unwavering focus on their path, he seeks guidance from the cosmos to navigate the month ahead. Delving deep into the realm of tarot, she unveils the hidden messages contained within the cards, illuminating the mysteries of the future that lie before them. Through this unique blend of astrology and tarot, his journey is infused with wisdom, clarity, and empowerment. Discover what the stars and cards have in store for Virgo as they embark on this transformative cosmic voyage.


In this article, we will delve into the October 2023 astrological tarot reading specifically tailored for the sign of Virgo. Sandy Couture, a renowned astrologist and tarot reader, has crafted a video presentation, providing insights and guidance for Virgo’s journey throughout the month. This reading assumes significance as Virgo has recently experienced a series of planetary retrogrades, leading to a period of reflection and adjustment. With numerous celestial phenomena occurring in October, Virgo can anticipate transformation and potential action. Let’s explore the key aspects of this reading and discover what the tarot cards reveal for Virgo.

Adjustments and Reflections

We begin by acknowledging the influence of several planets in retrograde on Virgo’s life. These retrogrades have compelled Virgo to reassess various aspects of their life, prompting necessary adjustments where required. As we move into October, two significant planets, Mercury and Venus, have already gone direct. This shift allows for clearer thinking and emotional connection, enabling Virgo to better understand their desires and make informed decisions.

Pluto’s Direct Motion

In mid-October, another powerful planet, Pluto, will also go direct, signaling an intense period of transformation for Virgo. This planetary movement encourages Virgo to embrace change and take action towards personal growth and evolution. The energy of Pluto empowers Virgo to shed old patterns and beliefs, and embrace their true potential. It’s a time to step out of their comfort zone and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery.

The Chariot: Control and Intuition

One of the tarot cards that symbolizes Virgo’s current state is The Chariot. This card signifies Virgo’s ability to take control of their life and rely on their intuition to navigate through challenges. Virgo is encouraged to trust their instincts and employ strategic thinking to overcome any obstacles they encounter. The Chariot reminds Virgo that they possess the necessary skills and determination to achieve their goals.

The Challenge Card: Making a Choice

As Virgo progresses on their path, they will encounter a challenge represented by the tarot card of making a choice. Virgo may find themselves at a crossroads, torn between two options. However, it’s important to note that both paths lead to positive outcomes. This card acts as a reminder to Virgo to trust their judgment and embrace their innate ability to make informed decisions. Whatever choice Virgo makes, success and growth are assured.

The High Priestess: Balancing Thoughts and Feelings

To find equilibrium in their journey, the High Priestess card advises Virgo to tap into their intuition and achieve a balance between their thoughts and feelings. Virgo is a sign known for being logical and analytical, but now is the time to embrace their emotions and seek harmony within themselves. The High Priestess reminds Virgo that true wisdom lies in finding a balance between their logical mind and their heart.

The Most Likely Outcome: The Star

Finally, the most likely outcome card for Virgo’s October 2023 astrological tarot reading is The Star. This card signifies success and support from the universe. Virgo can expect to experience a sense of renewal and hope during this month. It is a time for them to shine and receive recognition for their efforts. The Star card assures Virgo that they are on the right path and encourages them to continue pursuing their dreams with confidence.

In conclusion, Sandy Couture’s astrological tarot reading for Virgo in October 2023 unveils a promising journey ahead. With the influence of planetary shifts and the guidance of the tarot cards, Virgo is urged to embrace change, tap into their intuition, and make informed decisions. The cards assure Virgo of success and support from the universe as they navigate through this transformative month. It’s a time for Virgo to trust themselves, balance their thoughts and feelings, and march towards their desired destination with unwavering determination.

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