Pisces astrological tarot reading May 2023

Hi Pisces this is Sandy Couture and I am Here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Pisces for the Month of May 2023. so um this reading will run from The first through the end of May we are In Taurus season and astrologically our Um We've got a few indications or Applications astrologically that are Affecting all of us the first one is Mercury retrograde in Taurus and that Mercury will be conjunct the Sun for a Part of it which amplifies the power of It so the universe is saying to all of Us slow down review what your last three Months has brought you and where you're Going and see what's how you're going to Be able to move forward So it's time to review and also Amplifying all of that as we're in the Middle of eclipse season we just Experienced a lunar eclipse in a new Moon in Aries so the eclipses are about Looking deep looking deep for blocks and And for struggles that keep us from Moving forward and in another two to Three weeks at the End by the end of This month we are going to have a full Moon eclipse in Scorpio So Whether you like it or not it's time to Sit back and take a review of the last Three months and decide how you're going

To move forward from there So the first card that I pulled for you Is the Page of Cups so in a private Reading this could be a young man coming Into your life with a message for you But as a general reading it means a Message is coming to you about an Opportunity that is going to be Beneficial for you to really take a good Look at the surprise our challenge card Supports that this is the Queen of Wands And the Queen of Wands in a private Reading could mean a woman who's a Mentor for you or who's going to support You in moving forward but as a general Reading it just means that you whatever Opportunity that you're getting Presented to you that it would be highly Successful for you to take action on it So just keep that in mind but at the Same time the process is to not work Yourself to death so take action But do it in a way that doesn't Overextend all of your energy This is the eight of Pentacles and you Can see this guy is making Pentacles and He's doing it way into the wee hours so It's like too much you have to also rest In between and if you can take that Advice moving forward through the month The most likely outcome is a successful Venture in whatever has been presented To you and you've put your energy into So Queen of Pentacles Pentacles is about

Financial well-being and financial good News this is like a really nice outcome Card highest feminine order of uh Pentacles and uh so pay attention to What is being presented to you Take action on it don't work yourself to Death but trust that the outcome is Going to be beneficial to you Financially so hopefully that was Helpful for you Pisces out there And I hope you have a wonderful month And thank you for watching bye now