POWERFUL Manifesting | HOW TO USE Nikola Tesla’s 369 Method!

Hi everyone, Agnes here and this is a viewer’s question from Gio Elena and it’s about the Nikola  Tesla Method ‘369’. Okay so firstly what I’m going to do is I’m going to talk about  what it is and then I’m going to give you some examples okay. So you sit down in the morning  and you write three times what you want to manifest in present tense. Okay so I’m going to  give you three examples – one around money, one around love, one around health okay. Number 1:  Money – ‘It’s crazy how much money comes to me.

‘  2nd example around Love: ‘I so enjoy how much love is overflowing in my relationships.’  3rd one for Health: ‘I am the healthiest I have ever been.’ Okay so all in present tense, short  and sweet, so say you’re doing the money one you write it three times – ‘It’s crazy how much money  comes to me,’ – you write it three times okay. Then what you would do is just spend a little bit  of time visualizing, oh how amazing that would be to have that huge amount of money coming in every  day as if it’s already happened okay. So feel it as if it’s already happened.

  So what you’re doing is you’re becoming someone who’s in the state of wealth okay so (pause) then what you do is you read the statements out loud and you read it  with joy and fun and passion okay.

So morning three times then we go into the afternoon  okay, after lunch sometime what you do is you again write your statements  using the money one: ‘It’s crazy how much money comes to me,’ and you write it six times. Then  you read it out loud six times and then you spend a little bit of time visualizing and pondering how that would feel if it was happening now present tense okay.  Write it six times read it out loud six times okay. Now then you get to – you’ve done your  afternoon one and you get to the evening.

So before bed  you write it out nine times okay, and then you read it out loud nine times  and then you spend a little bit of time visualizing and imagining how that would feel to have that now present tense okay. So three points of the day – morning,  afternoon round after lunch sometime and then before bed  okay.

Ask and you shall receive and as we know it’s a focus based universe – so what we focus on  with feeling whether it’s positive or negative in this example hopefully you’ll  be doing it with positive emotion and if you make it fun and you do it happily,  you are then creating a line of energy between you and the thing you desire  so then it’s coming from the warehouse, from the universe, whichever way you prefer to see it.  And it can come and fall at your feet okay. So it’s just a little  three-point system during the day and it is a focused, very deliberate system  so perhaps try it and see on any subject that you desire that you haven’t manifested yet,  try and apply the Nikola Tesla method okay.

POWERFUL Manifesting | HOW TO USE Nikola Tesla's 369 Method!

So  I’m glad you asked about that Gio Elena because I think it’s a nice tight little  technique that we can do, it’s something that doesn’t matter what level you are in terms of law  of attraction – Neville, Abraham Hicks or any of the other teachers that you can do this with very  little experience and very little knowledge and as long as you’re disciplined and you practice it  then you can attract results.

Now, how long do you do it for? – That’s totally up to you,  I would suggest you do it at least for a couple of weeks and then perhaps let it go  and you might pick it up again a month or two later if it hasn’t manifested. But it’s starting  things are easy, anybody can start things, it’s being consistent and continuing it on that’s where  you really see results.

Okay so try not to use this as the next bright shiny object but use it as  some very powerful technique to create, to draw towards you – this is living in the end  if you’re talking about it in Neville terms, it’s a ‘living in the end’ exercise okay.

So  I hope that is of interest to you, let me know if you practice it, if you’re interested in it,  if you’re going to have a go at it and what particular subject you’re going to use it for.  And if you have some results please come back and type your results down in below, if it’s two weeks  later or a month later or six months later let us know.

All right lots of love everyone  and I will see you again in the next YouTube, I’m going to go off and enjoy this beautiful day  and go for a walk. It’s a lovely 27 degrees here in London, England today and a marvellous  day – don’t want to be inside (chuckles) lots of love and I will see you again soon..

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