Reflections on the Worth of Hard Work: An Insightful Perspective by Kyle Cease

Reflections on the Worth of Hard Work: An Insightful Perspective by Kyle Cease


Kyle Cease, a renowned speaker and comedian, has recently created a video that provides a unique and insightful perspective on the value of hard work. In the video, Kyle addresses the common worry that one’s work may be for nothing, emphasizing that everything experienced is necessary for one’s current state. He also stresses that it’s okay if no one sees one’s hard work except for God. This article will provide reflections on Kyle’s video, including his insights and advice.

No Effort Goes to Waste

One of Kyle’s main points in the video is that every experience we go through is necessary for our current state. This means that no effort we put in goes to waste, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. This is an important reminder for anyone who may be questioning the worth of their hard work. Even if the outcome isn’t what we expected, the effort we put in is still valuable and helps shape us into who we are today.

Miracles Normalized and Freeing All Children

Kyle mentions two upcoming events in the video: Miracles Normalized in Sedona, AZ in September 2023 and Freeing All Children in Salt Lake City, UT in October 2023. These events seem to reflect Kyle’s mission to help people find their true purpose and let go of any limiting beliefs or fears that hold them back. If you’re interested in attending one of these events or simply want to learn more about Kyle’s work, make sure to check out his website.

Advice for Feeling Like You Haven’t Accomplished Anything

In the video, Timia asks Kyle for advice regarding her feeling like she’s accomplished nothing, despite doing plenty of work. Kyle encourages Timia to not give into shame and to become present, not identifying with the shame. This advice can be helpful for anyone who may be struggling with similar thoughts. It’s important to remember that our self-worth is not tied to our accomplishments, and that we should focus on being present and enjoying the journey rather than solely focusing on the outcome.

Stop Participating in Shame and Kid-Like Actions

Kyle notes that one cannot make the ego “grow up”. Instead, he encourages Timia to stop participating in shame and kid-like actions. This is another valuable insight for anyone who may be struggling with feelings of shame or inadequacy. We cannot change the past or the experiences we’ve had, but we can choose how we respond to them in the present. By letting go of shame and embracing a more present mindset, we can move forward and live a more fulfilling life.


In conclusion, Kyle Cease’s video provides a refreshing and insightful perspective on the worth of hard work and the importance of being present. By reminding us that no effort we put in goes to waste, encouraging us to let go of shame and become more present in the moment, and showcasing his own events and programs, Kyle inspires and empowers people to live a more fulfilling life. Whether you’re struggling with self-doubt or simply want to gain a new perspective on hard work, Kyle’s video is definitely worth checking out.

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