Sagittarius, astrological reading, May 2023

Hi Sagittarius this is Sandy Couture and I am here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Sagittarius for The month of May 2023 so we are in Taurus season and one of the big news Astrologically is that we are currently Experiencing Mercury retrograde in Taurus which Mercury retrograde in Taurus is really a good thing it makes Us all slow down and take a look at what It is we're actually feeling about how Our past has been going especially the Last three months the Sun is going to be Conjunct or close to it so it's going to Be powerful so if you find yourself Reflecting that's what's going on There's also another reason for Reflection is that we are in the middle Of eclipse season we just experienced a Lunar eclipse in a new moon in Aries Last week and by the end of this month There will be another full moon eclipse In Scorpio so eclipse are about pulling Up very Deep Emotions or bandages or Wounds or blocks and moving through Those bringing them into the light it's Like pulling the monster out of the Closet or out from under the bed and With Mercury retrograde combined with it It's a really good time to do that for All of us to move forward so the first Card that I pulled for you sag is the Three of Swords now the three of swords In a private reading could mean the

Ending of a relationship or a broken Heart but in a general reading it means The ending of a circumstance a Relationship a job a schooling something And the beginning of something new and The challenge card which I believe it Will be for you Sagittarius is the Hermit card so the challenge for you This month is to take some time and Actually do look take a look take a look Deep take a look under the rocks and in The recesses of your mind in your heart And your spirit and before you move Forward So the process card that I pulled for You is the world card and that means Move forward in confidence so yes you Have to take a break these two cards are About taking a break looking inside and Seeing what might be holding you back But this card is a card of confidence For moving forward the world is your Oyster you have the world this girl is Confident she's dressed in purple so She's very in tune with her intuitive And Um the Universal Power But she also is grounded in Um standing on the pedestal with golden Light at her feet so move forward with Confidence Um Sagittarius whatever that looks like For you and the most likely outcome card Is the four of Pentacles this card

Represents being secure having all of Your needs met being secure financially Emotionally spiritually you are going to Be in a very secure place by the end of This month so even though it starts off Um A little bit Rocky by making you slow Down and making you look deep inside and An ending in a new beginning and a Reflection it ends up with Um complete Security and well-being so Hopefully that was helpful for you Sagittarians out there and I hope you Have a wonderful month thank you for Watching bye now