Scorpio, astrological tarot reading, May 2023

Hi Scorpio this is Sandy Couture and I Am here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Scorpio for the Month of May 2023. so Taurus is directly opposite From Scorpio and normally Taurus Scorpio Is a good mix for um relationships Because I don't know just those you can Bounce things off of each other you know It's like a a tennis match you know and They kind of understand each other so This month the big news for all of us in The beginning of May is that there is Mercury retrograde in Taurus and the Sun Is going to be conjunct that before it Goes direct and what that means is it Gives it a lot of energy and retrogrades Are about taking Um taking a beat taking some time to Review the last three months and what's Been going on for you and how that those Things have been working and whether you Need to change tactics and move forward But we're also in the middle of a um Eclipse season we just had a lunar Eclipse in a new moon in Aries about a Week ago and by the end of this month we Will be having a full moon eclipse in Scorpio so Um just be watching for it it's going to Be asking you to dig deep and see what It is your your true desires are and Where you want to move forward in your Life so just be aware of it nothing is

Scary it's just information for you you To use to be able to understand why it Is you might be going reflecting and Going deep So the first card that I pulled for you Scorpio is the success card this is the Knight of Cups cups is about emotions And this is a very successful Um night a successful action things are Moving in in your favor Um even though it might not seem like That they really are moving in your Favor and the surprise or challenge card Is for you to trust this because it the Universe the powers that be wants you to Understand That as it is above so it is below use All of your self not just your intellect But your intuition your emotions and Everything else to understand that Sometimes when they are there are Challenges that those challenges make Things work out for the better in the Long run for you it may not feel like it In the moment but that's the truth of it The process card this month though is a Cautionary card for you and Pentacles Are about material Goods but it's also About this card really asks you to be Careful where your resources are going That includes Um material emotional spiritual and Um intellectual resources be sure that You are not allowing

Um Yourself to be drained by others Especially if they're trying to do it Without you knowing that they're doing It so just keep your eyes open for that And by the end of the month you will Find yourself in this situation which is What the queen of Cups represents the Queen of cups is the highest feminine Um Expression of the cups card and Basically when she is not a person in Your life she represents a time of Security and solidity and protection and Well-being so you're you you're in a Good place there's going to be some Things come up but all of those things Will work to your betterment by the end Of the month so thank you so much for Watching Scorpio and have a wonderful Month bye now