Taurus astrological tarot reading for May 2023

Hi Taurus this is Sandy Couture and I am Here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Taurus for the Month of May I'm sorry this one is late Um I was actually out of town and just I just didn't I thought I was going to Be able to record but it didn't work out That way so Um this will run from May 1st But Taurus season will end I believe on The 19th Of May But anyway you will still be in it'll be In Gemini at the end of the month but We've I don't know I'm kind of scattered Here even today I'm sorry about that Trying to get my video Recorder perfect so we're kind of in the Middle of an eclipse season recently We've had two new moon eclipses in Aries Which was all about moving forward with Certain ideas that we've been having but Um by the end of this month we're going To have a full moon eclipse in Scorpio Which is directly opposing Taurus the Sun Signs and I have a sweet friend in In Arizona whose rising sign of Scorpio So this one is going to be a powerful One for people who have aspects in Scorpio and or Taurus that are either Their Sun their moon or their rising Sign or any other of the personal Planets Venus Mars and Mercury Um Taurus you know they're very solid

They're very grounded however Scorpio Wants everybody to dive deep and see What's going on and because it's a full Moon it's about endings and Beginnings So it's a it's an interesting potent Time for Creating new directions that you might Have been considering for a while excuse Me my nose is itching does that means Somebody's going to call I think but it Also is a time for really looking deep And reviewing what it is that's driving You to make these changes so pay Attention to all of that so the first Card that I pulled for you Taurus is the Queen of Wands and Wands as a fire or Action card now Queens are always the Highest feminine Representation of that action but when I Would pull this card what I got was the Intuitive hit that you need to just Don't jump Don't jump right now take your time Before you take action don't jump from The frying pan Into the Fire more or Less so the fire on top of this makes Sense uh it feels as though the surprise Or challenge there's going to be some Good news coming your way good news About finances because Pentacles are About finances or Earthly things so Don't jump wait for news to come to you And then the process card for you to go Through this month Taurus is to weigh

Your options this is the two of swords And twos are always about balance or Choices this woman has a gossamer Blindfold on she's not in distress she's Got a lot of water emotional things Going on but it wants you to connect Your heart and your head and weigh Everything out use Use the Taurean logic and thoroughness To make a decision and whatever decision You make is going to be good for you no Matter how it moves you forward Eventually it will be good for you and The most likely outcome card is the king Of Wands now the king of Wands is Actually like the guardian angel card Also so it feels as though whatever Choices you're making Um whatever decisions you decide to go Into that you have Um Guardian angels and Spirit guides that Are helping you move down the right path So it feels as though this month you Really just need to take your time don't Be hair trigger take some time to look Within and and measure all of the Information that's come to you before You go you have help on the other side Ask for it so hopefully that was helpful For you Taurus out there and I hope you Have a wonderful month and thank you so Much for watching