The World Needs You as a Teacher of Presence | LIVE MEDITATION REPLAY with Eckhart Tolle

Hello friends Welcome To this special live meditation with Eckhart Tolle the world needs you as a Teacher of presence And from my perspective that's a very True statement A teacher of presence Someone who is grounded and being and Knows that their most important purpose In any given moment in any interaction Is the state of their being the state of Their attention the state of our Hereness our nowness Our total presence becoming teachers of Presence at a time When the world is experiencing such a Feeling and a sense of accelerated Turbulence my language for it Sounds true and Eckhart teachings are Working together and we've created a new School of Awakening five-month program It's called becoming a teacher of Presence and it begins on May 21st and Many of the themes that Eckhart touches On and will touch on in this live Global Meditation about how the world needs you To become a teacher of presence are what We're exploring in this five-month Online Deep dive immersion program It begins with a virtual Retreat that Will be broadcast from Lake Louise and Then it's followed by a five-month Robust Community Journey that we have

The opportunity to take together and if You're interested in learning more if You're on the player page you'll see a Learn more button and if you're on YouTube you can look for the notes in The description you can click to learn More about becoming a teacher of Presence the final registration date is May 16th Now as we move into this Global live Meditation together here with Eckhart This is an invitation for us to deepen Presence as a practicing community It's an invitation to How we listen how we receive right now And that also includes how we might Potentially relate or not relate to the Comments function that is available both On the player page and on YouTube you May choose Do not engage in the comments at all if You feel and sense that it increases Your ability to be part of our Practicing deepening presence Community Perhaps by not engaging in the comments At all Or if you do Deepening presence and as you comment or Read comments do it with a full sense Grounded in being And with that Here's Eckhart Tolle on the world needs You as a teacher of presence Thank you Tommy welcome

To our live Meditation session I will probably be talking For most of the time But there may be Quite a few gaps Of Stillness in between the words As they are now And these gaps are very important I would even say more important than the Words Foreign If you become conscious of these Gaps of Stillness In between words You notice the gaps Instead of just impatiently Being in your conceptual mind and saying Why is he talking so slowly Why hasn't he said anything even Significant yet If you are able to notice the gaps give Them attention That is the arising offer that State of Consciousness that we call presence It is a state of Alertness Relaxed alertness Clarity A state in which the conceptual mind Has come to arrest And something else arises Thinking is most people's normal state Of when they are awake in conventional

Terms And When you become aware of these gaps Thinking subsides And presence or we call it awareness Arises Thinking subsides Presence arises of course thinking will Come back but it has Briefly momentarily subsided something Else has emerged And [Music] That is What we call presence It is a state of One could say pure awareness of pure Consciousness So That is what sometimes people Hope to achieve and embedded when they Actually do formal meditations Meditation is a good tool But it's not enough It's not even for everybody The most important thing is to bring That state of clear alert presence Into everyday life Then the way in which you interact With other people The way in which you perceive the world Respond to situations Is very different from the way in which You would habitually

React to situations If you were completely identified with The conceptual mind That's the egoic state complete Identification with the conditioned mind Conditioned by the past It's the ego identification with that It's vital for us to go beyond that State of Consciousness that egoic state Of consciousness Because it creates a lot of suffering in The world a lot of trouble You create suffering for yourself you Create suffering for others It operates on the individual level It operates on a collective level It is a [Music] To a large extent a dysfunctional state Of consciousness It had its purpose we had to go through It But now we need to emerge out of it to The next stage In human evolution if we get this is a Very Critical transition From from the egoic state of Consciousness To a more enlightened State and awake Awakened state Almost all the problems that we are Facing was an individual and Collective Level

Arise from the Human mind The greatest danger humanity is facing Does not come from without it comes from Within Your mind And the Havoc that the the egoic state Creates in the world So the danger is for comes from within So this is presence in that state of Presence Who you are or who you perceive to Yourself to be Shifts From Deriving your sense of self Your sense of identity From a narrative in your mind which you Call my life That's a normally go extinct you do have Your identity from the movement of Thought in your mind it tells you the Story of me you call it my life That is the deriving your identity from The stream of thinking ultimately Meme what's going to happen to me and Then there's all the past that is Created that me The past that has created me But it's In ancient spiritual teachings such as Buddhism Let's go to fiction you live you yeah It's a mentally created fiction that

Becomes your personality your person Your sense of self Let us out in characteristics That are Dysfunctional for example it needs Conflict it laughs conflict it says I Seek peace but it acts it acts out Conflict It loves enemies Because it defines itself through the Other It demonize the other it criticizes the Other judges the other it makes the Other is other as possible in order to Strengthen its own vegetation sense of Identity that is the ego that is what we Need to go beyond Entire nations can do it to other Nations too So obviously your identity then is no Longer derived from this narrative this Ultimate mental fiction Your identity comes from a deeper place The place of beingness Of presence And at first it seems that perhaps a Little disconcerting Because when you're not Involved in conceptual thinking who are You When you don't remember Your past or not at least don't derive Your identity from your past who am I Without that

In this space of Stillness Of alert presence alert relaxed presence Who am I You are That sense of Beingness or presence that has no form It is just the light of Consciousness Itself So what's left of you is a sense of a Sense of aliveness Of beingness of presence Stillness but alive Stillness And that is your deeper identity I call it your essence identity So connecting with that Essence identity is the vital step Of transcending the egoic identity And then you can feel that this presence Is not just an absence of Thought or absence of sounds The Stillness is not just an absence it Is also it is a it is a very powerful Sense of presence There's an enormous power in that Stillness that is in every human it's Already there Potentially Underneath a stream of thinking so to Speak like a Vastness of the ocean Underneath the turbulent surface of the Ocean There's the vastness of the ocean Underneath the turbulent waves on the

Surface which is the stream of thinking So this they're not separate the Consciousness that you are Is also your thoughts it's not your Thoughts are not separate They are a manifestation of form that This Consciousness takes But it's only a surface phenomenon The Consciousness itself is far deeper Than any thoughts in your mind or even Any emotions There is a depth to who you are That is a Unfathomable it's it's Um And it when I say you that connects you With something much faster than what you Normally call you I don't want to give it any name right Now but it connects you to a vastness That that you are an expression of But if you if you don't know that then You you your life you live like a Fragment disconnected from other Fragments in this world And Then as you get little tastes of that State of Consciousness that we call Presence for example now You feel yourself you feel your presence Right now Beyond any Uh You know beyond any thought that's

Connected with your life situation or Whatever it may be whether What age you are becomes irrelevant what Gender you are becomes irrelevant Uh what you have achieved or suffered in This world it all its one sense or that It is more powerful than any of that It liberates you from all that it's not That the person disappears completely of Course the person the person itself is Still there and continues to operate in This world but there's a continuous Knowing that there is more to you than That and that is mindful so you continue To operate as a person in this moment But no longer deriving your identity From a personal sense of self You can operate as a person if you need To in this world In this world of time past and future You can operate in this world without Losing yourself in this world and Without losing yourself in identity that Ultimately is a very shallow and Fleeting thing that you call me the Person So that thing continues to operate for a While but Your challenge is While you operate in this world as a Person Not to lose connectedness With a deeper dimension And that is bringing presence into

Every situation that you deal with every Interaction In this world and that is a skill That skill develops and is required Presence itself is timeless But it is a skill for you to It requires some practice at a high Degree of alertness To bring presents into everyday life Whatever you do here whatever function You have in this world Function And for example not to confuse your Function with your identity It's a function I am a teacher of presence you are a Teacher of presence or you are becoming A teacher of Presence by living in that Way By bringing That Consciousness into every situation So that you don't Uh Lose Yourself In the doing of whatever it is you're Doing in the situation and you don't Lose yourself in a sense of identity That's to do with your function and to Reduce you reduce other people to their Function in this world So when you When you Talk to somebody Um whatever purpose the interaction has Let's say it's a very simple thing but

It's let's just it's In a restaurant that you order a meal And All you are the server in the restaurant And you're talking to the customer Is all there is to this interacts [Music] The customer talking to a server Or is there a deeper is there some Presence there That Causes the interaction to be deeper and More meaningful than just a customer Talking to a server That reduces you reduce yourself and you Reduce the others to some temporary Function and so you lose Your sense of The Humanity In the deepest sense of the other Because you have reduced the other to a Mental concept And you are relating to the mental Concept this is the waiter the waitress The server uh it's it and you and even By doing it to another you do it to Yourself also you've reduced yourself to That particular in that particular Situation you are Any situation So what's the difference then when you Bring presence into that moment In that moment you you may still be

Talking there's a menu you're looking at The menu I would like A minestrone soup And you're looking at the server and yes All that functions in a normal way But while you order this meal I'm giving Just one example out of hundreds of Thousands While you order the meal You can sense What I have been pointing at you right In our session today You can sense within yourself This Presence underneath the thinking there's A there's another one could say there's A space of Stillness Right behind the sinking and you're Aware of it And that's you that's your presence And the one you can you speak the words And then You listen to or you look at the other Person And you can sense The same Dimension of Consciousness in the other The other also Is Essentially that presence The other also is essentially That Consciousness that is the essence Of

Who or what you are So you sense the consciousness of the Other through sensing the Consciousness Within yourself Beyond The personal selfhood And That brings An added vital Dimension into the Interaction and it's com it's not Something that uh Perhaps Is immediately noticed by the other the Waiter may not notice that you can sense His or her being however Um This the server in this particular Example Maybe it's possible that you see maybe So Absorbed in their mind that they don't It just does not penetrate but it's also Possible that there were response at the The person that you are Connecting with at this deeper level With not through once just sensing His or her presence or some other Pronoun you have to be careful with Pronouns these days So it doesn't matter which one You sense their presence And it may well be that that you get a Response to the the person may sound Really feel so good about you doesn't Know why

Because everybody Deep down they love being recognized in Their beingness beyond their personality There's an unconscious longing In humans to connect with a deeper level That is beyond the past and the Personality there's an unconscious Longing in every human being to become Free of being trapped in the personality That the person they want to be free They don't know that but they feel I Can't stand it anymore so they go to Drugs or some other things just to have A moment of freedom from themselves so To speak but it doesn't last And not only that they fall below The normal State of Consciousness and Still Rising above the normal state of Consciousness You don't want to free yourself from This you're from Yourself by moving Towards sleep or unconsciousness That's happened with many drugs or why They make you feel better Feel so relaxed it's so so good You can't think about your problems Anymore so how wonderful And then of course you come back and you Haven't risen above thought you haven't Risen above the ego You have fallen below the ego yes it's Been a moment of freedom But it didn't last And it is not our purpose to go that way

Our purpose is to rise above To rise above To transcend the egoic self So that your your identity increasingly Is derived from that that beautiful Sense of presence of beingness and not The story of you Foreign You become a teacher of Presence by In a wider sense By bringing this state of consciousness Into every Interaction Teaching itself Can be interpreted in different ways Teaching is usually what things of Teaching is Imparting information That the teacher teaches gives Information Facts or teaching can be Teaching somebody how to Acquire a skill how to do this how to do That [Music] Um Teaching presence Could involve words in certain Situations it can be very helpful to Say something to a person if the city if The situation is right Um Maybe I'll come back to that a little Later do you say something but

More Than Words A detailed presence lives Endeavors to Uh Bring presence into every situation in Life not just now this obviously applies To people who have helped and helping Professions The people in helping professions Psychotherapists Doctors nurses Teachers social workers Body workers people have in close Contact with other humans in healthy Professions some of them Oh so I don't think we're read already In some way without knowing it bringing Presence into what they do but not Others are just stressed and control it Becomes uh it's so hard Many teachers are stressed doctors are Stressed not nurses are stressed Social workers are stressed not Everybody I was for the first time in my life I Was in my operation in the hospital last Year And so I experienced The nurses primary primarily more Contact obviously with nurses and with Doctors And some nurses are seem quite stressed And they're oh they're doing their job But it's it's tough and I've seen a

Couple of others Were actually Bringing presents and they probably Don't I mean they've never heard of the Word presence they just something has Arisen in them naturally and Spontaneously when they relate to people You're not just to them Particularly too I found that I have had Contact with Uh you're a mortal them than a patient Again they don't reduce you to a Conceptual identity God's patient And you can sense that they give their Later you as a being a human being And so then without perhaps knowing it Without having a word for it Spontaneously in the course of their Work Some presence has already Arisen and That's beautiful and This may be the case with many of you Also that already in your whatever work You do you there's already that Dimension coming in perhaps not all the Time but already you are able to bring The dimension in Or perhaps a better way of putting it is To say you are allowing the dimension to Come in because when I say you are able To bring the dimension in between the Things implied you need to do something And that's not quite it it's not that You need to do something to the other

It's allowing the presence to flow Through you It's not doing as such Uh you have to be careful that in any Situation the ego can come back in So for example when we say I become a Creature of presence you become Whenever you use words referring to Yourself through words It's dangerous Because when you say I'm a teacher of Presence we have and Not realizing that it's only a function But it's not an identity it's a fountain And It could easily happen that you create Another conceptual identity of I am a Teacher of presence you have another Conceptual identity And then you compare yourself to others Which is what the egoic self does and Then you say okay I am I will show you the path not just listen To me the ego comes in very easily Through the back door So Being a teacher teacher friends is a Function it's not an identity your Identity is presence itself your Identity is consciousness itself And so As I said some some people in especially In helping professions are already Bringing some presence into what they do

Without having a word for it and if you If they do it more consciously this can Deepen And but it doesn't have to be just the Helping professionals because any Anybody who has contact with other human Beings in their work you may be a Hairdresser you may be a flight Attendant you may be a A lawyer a realtor a lawyer They're incredible opportunities because You're relating to others Of course there It's important there to Differentiate between the function that You have in on the level of Uh your conceptual interaction And the deeper Transcendent Consciousness that can flow into that Some people are have very difficult jobs With other people for an example Um Lawyers for example Um Lawyers tend to Come into contact with their so-called Clients With other human beings When they are at their most unconscious Because lawyers tend to come into Conflict into contact with people Involved in some kind of conflict with Others And often it divorce lawyers for example

So if you're a divorce lawyer you're More likely to encounter people at their Most unconscious That they may be In other situations they may be Significantly more content in the Situation in which you encounter them if You are a lawyer so this is a an even Greater challenge for you to stay Conscious there because You typically you will encounter other Humans at their most unconscious And so a lawyer for example needs to be Really Intensely present it's a huge challenge But also A wonderful challenge if you can live up To their talents and bring presence into Your interactions but even even in Professions like a realtor Maybe not quite as bad as loyal but when People are involved in signing contracts And because they become reactive and They become aggressive and the ego comes In So again being a realtor is also maybe Not quite as challenging as if you're a Lawyer but can be challenging too all Kinds of jobs Flight attendants these days very Talenting job you used to be relatively Easy but now humans have become so Uh Toxic and when it was so unconscious

From various challenges they encounter A collective challenges and others so That can be very very Uh very challenging job too and again Here wonderful opportunity For bringing presence and again I have Encountered Some flight attendants my frequent Travels who are able to Bring that presence or give you Attention Beyond Reducing yourself to a passenger which Is a conceptual identity they don't Reduce yourself they they relate to you As a human being and some do it and Others not quite manage it and So Is this this is a skill that is vital The challenges that you encounter In relating to other human beings Is exactly what is needed for you to Strengthen The arising presence If you were not challenged Um you could still you could meditate Your every day and it's fine you feel Quite good And you think okay I'm present But the moment a real challenge comes Uh The presence is you're not Deeply enough connected with that Dimension and then you lose it again The difficulties that you encounter you

Challenge with other human beings Uh Perhaps the most important Ingredient In the arising of presence you need the Challenges And you may have noticed that Uh Many of your challenges Of course some are physical challenges Okay Financial challenges all kinds of Living situation challenges but many of Your challenges or could say you're Suffering It comes from other human beings Foreign But that That form for most there may be a few Humans here and there Whose spiritual path is To be a hermit To withdraw from life to live out in Nature if there may be there are a few Whose Destinies to be not very much in Contact with other humans but most of us Our spiritual past is Through Relationships with others we evolve Through and we no longer demand That other humans should be more Conscious We realized that What matters is

What matters is your state of Consciousness not the other person's State of consciousness Tool It's a this is very vital to be able to Hold presence In challenging situations and life is Full of them fortunately because that You need them Holding challenges holding presence in Challenging situations So whenever a challenge happens Small or big Uh Always realize in any situation The most important thing is not what's Happening The most important thing in any Situation is the State of Consciousness With which you meet what's happening This is easy to to forget we would Always think the situation that I'm Dealing with right now is the most Important thing This is this is from this is really Important it well it's it's it's It's all its importance is secondary The really important thing is what with What state of consciousness are you Facing that situation what state or Consciousness do you bring to this Situation Foreign The moment a challenge happens

Be aware of your state of consciousness That is primary The situation is always secondary In the State of Consciousness needs to Be one of non-reactivity Reactivity comes from the ego itself it Says You shouldn't be like this shouldn't be Happening this is wrong it must be I Don't want to be here I want to be Somewhere else It's always the opposition to what it is Reactive And In presence you respond to situations is If a response is called for But but you don't react react comes from The conditioning of your mind so you're React in the old predictable way and Then you recreate situations through Your reactions Because in the way in which you react to A situation that then Determines to a large extent how this Situation develops does it get worse or Does it get better So many people amplify conflict There's a challenge comes into their Life Some small conflict They unconsciously react And the reaction Amplifies the conflict and then gets Bigger and the other person perhaps

Caused the conflict gets even more Unconscious And they get an even more reactive And so this is all part of the old egoic Consciousness where very often uh It's not the situation that's so bad it Your reaction makes the situation so bad And it blows it up and that Karma I Could say that's it's a karmic reaction Karma by the way means action and karma Is a law of action and reaction So any any unconscious human being you Meet a person who is angry at you for Some reason Are you angry immediately in turn you Risk do you react with anger too which Is a normal thing but for humans one Persons I'm new to you accuses you of Something and then you get you Immediately Instead you're in any situation My state of consciousness right now is What matters so you know are you able to Adjust Observe and be be present Bring that Relaxed Clarity to the Situation Instead of amplifying it Um And that determines What happens in the future so Um it also collectively it applies also When we have a collective problem How do we deal with the collective

Problem with through presence Or through reactivity And if we deal through by the way When you deal with something through Presence it means there's wisdom this is Another important word To wisdom Arises out of presence Wisdom is different from intelligence Intelligence is the ability to use the Conceptual mind That has its purpose it's fine But there is something deeper and more Important in every potentially in every Human being And that's not intelligence it's wisdom Wisdom is this faculty that arises out Of presence and then you can deal with Situations truly intelligently rather Than reactively and you do not make the Situation worse by your reaction to the Situation Um so you need wisdom what the world Needs is not more intelligence Very soon AI is become probably becoming more Intelligent than humans And The human challenge is To access the dimension where wisdom Arises That's come Computers don't have that They can be very good at thinking

Probably They're making incredible advances But not wisdom wisdom so we need to as As We are being Almost Replaced by Artificial thinkers Uh These coincides With the transition of human beings To a higher state of consciousness than Thinking where of course they can still Think but they are not trapped in Thinking And so it's terribly important And again coming back for a moment to That situation Um Collective situation There's a collective challenge Where the Pandemic situation as a huge Collective Times Was there wisdom in the way in which we Reacted to that silence Not very much Uh there was a lot of fear there was a Lot of panic The word of anger And Many measures were taken Not necessarily seeing all the possible Repercussions of measures that were Taken that would still play themselves

Out in the next few years We don't need to go into Details but the question is always Do you create more suffering by your Reaction to a situation than is Contained in the situation itself That's lack of wisdom does that And lack of wisdom means lack of Presence or awareness whatever word you Want to use So Using Life situations All the life situation that arise in Your life is yours become your spiritual Practice when you realize Is not the situation that's the most Important thing It's my state of consciousness it's the Most important thing and give your Attention to that Oh At this moment It may be relatively easy To be present Or not Maybe You're challenged Maybe not by some external situation But maybe Your talents by your mind If you're not childish by some external Situation Like you're in bed it's 2 30 in the

Morning and you break up or you couldn't Go to sleep And Dreadful things are happening in Your mind oh my God You're not challenged by an external Situation because it's a warm bed and You're fine in the now But you're challenged by your mind So many times The challenge may not come from external Situation but from your mind and Ultimately Everything comes from your mind in a Deeper sense Because every event becomes a mental Thing You experience it as a mentor event Any Anything in the external world Is recreated in your mind it becomes a Mental event so it's everything is Ultimately your mind So when you encounter a difficult Situation And you don't React in the usual old way but you stay Present and you look See the situation And There's presence arising it's a Difficult person And you don't react in the old Predictable way Your lack of reaction is a teaching also

I have sometimes found when people were Difficult no matter Various situations difficult people Angry people accusing or just being in a Bad mood and Uh And when you don't react They get very disconcerted because they Want they almost they need the reaction The ego itself or their pain body needs A reaction And if you don't react They become a little confused And then the whole thing collapses Even a little things in traffic for some Reason traffic makes people very Unconscious too when they're driving And they get angry at other at other Cars other drivers did they don't know Them they get angry It's very strange So they personalize all that Uh And occasionally I found people got Angry at me I'm sometimes maybe a bit Slow driving and Then they shout something And then I look at them They expect please sell something back Almost unconsciously the expected but They are I could see this it was pointless to React what is the point insulting

Something back there's no point Whatsoever so I just looked And then some thought I was deaf and They saw it louder And But the situation very quickly collapses If it's not being fed it's not being Reinforced Many conflict situations if you deal With it only factually Take the ego out of it which is the Reactivity Presence and arises and presence of Writers you can deal with the situation Factually what can we do here instead or Maybe nothing Then Very quickly a situation that Potentially could have become enormous Conflict written and God had gone on and On Uh begins to dissolve So as a teacher of presence in a wider Sense A lot of the time you're teaching is Dissolving conflict not avoiding Conflict or anything it's nothing to do With that but dissolving conflict Through non-reactivity and not bringing Yourself into it Um You stop complaining about other people For example When they don't do what they're supposed

To do Which happens a lot Or they do something that they're not Supposed to do which happens a lot too And so you don't bring Uh And so an important thing that a teacher Presence does is They dissolve conflict They don't feed it and if you don't feed It it very quickly collapses Now if conflict collapses that's not Food for your ego so your ego does not Want conflict It might say that it wants a piece but It's it acts differently The word say I want peace no they don't Want the ego doesn't want peace it wants More conflict So when you when you are present you're Able to dissolve conflict and that it is Simultaneously it is a dissolution of Your ego too Because the ego wants the conflict but You don't You the essential you the you that is Transcended to the ego does not want Conflict it loves peace it loves the State of love So the t-self presence teaches Not or very often a lot of the time not Through words Uh not even necessarily through doing But through bringing a certain State of

Consciousness to the situation And it dissolves Conflict imagine if that happens on a World scale If there were world leaders Conscious enough present enough To dissolve conflict instead of Amplifying conflict because what happens On an individual level also happens Collectively The amplification of conflict That's how for example I mean if you Know the history of Century Century First World War It started with one little thing one Word tragic by the person but an Assassination the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand driver's name was Somewhere in the Balkans And then people various Nations the Leaders of Nations reacted And it became bigger and bigger it's Just one event Reaction and the others reacted against Their reaction Direction before they Know it If The most unbelievable Devastating conflict that ever happened On the planet until then it's like 30 million dead or something just are Unbelievable It All Happened from one Little thing Unconscious people

Amplifying Conflict at every stage And this could happen again to some Extent it is happening again in the World Because not many leaders are present or Conscious Very few Let me see who's trying to think of it A conscious leader it's not coming to me Right now but It must be someone [Music] So all these things are vitally vitally Important uh Um and even just this one little thing Of not Not contributing to conflict but Dissolving conflict it would be Trademark trains in the world it's Perfectly changes your life And it's and if people people who have a Certain amount of Power are able to Practice that then It's the end of useless What fair and uh terrible Suffering that humans create for other Humans and for themselves so that's the Pass our pass is The path of Awakening To presence So important It's never been more important than it Is now if you consider the world Situation

But the true trade starts with you And then it spreads from you To others Okay Foreign Thank you thank you Foreign