Today is a new day


One thing to take in no matter where you Are in your life is today is a new day And you have the ability to move in a Very different way from how you've moved Every single day in the past one thing We do is we go how will I move today Well how have I moved in the past but What you might not understand is that a Way that's not familiar but still is More you is trying to call to you it's Asking you to make a new decision do Something different and break the Pattern from how you've lived in the Ways of the past there are next steps Trying to happen there are new yous Trying to happen there's so much trying To happen for you even if you've lived a Different way up until three seconds ago Decide to step into the new way doesn't Matter if it's unfamiliar it could still Be you familiar doesn't mean you Familiar just means a pattern you can Play a new record today you can step Into something new you can break Everything off that's not you you can Say yes to what truly is you and you Will change the world by doing so [Music]

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