Top 10 Most Viewed Kyle Cease Shorts

This is the top 10 most viewed Spirit Shorts by Kyle keys Finding a good short can be very hard Especially in this hard times of Motivational age but Kyle Keith knew What he was doing when he made these new Shorts Number 10. [Music] Control B’s Freedom her ego wants Control it wants power it wants to Understand it wants to make sense out of It wants to not get hurt that’s the Whole point of the ego your soul wants Freedom that’s what your soul wants so When you do things that free yourself You’re moving more into your soul when You do things that are kind of to fix Things or whatever else you’re in your Ego and you’re controlling so make some Moves that free yourself if you feel Controlled in a situation get out of it And free yourself and watch as the egos Cried out as it’s not catered to if you Go on a hike like I’m doing right now And you stop being like I gotta fix These things or do this stuff with all These people or I gotta whatever I’m Scared I’m going to lose this that’s ego When you meditate when you connect you Move more into your soul because you’re Freeing yourself and the world will Mirror what you’re doing so move into Freedom because we’re moving into a time

Where we are freeing ourselves in the World of control is going to completely Collapse Finding a good short can be really hard But Kyle Keith’s knew what he was doing When he made these shorts that are you Seen by you now Number nine [Music] People don’t need to wake up One thing people say when they start to Realize what’s going on in the world is I wish everyone knew this I wish the World would wake up people need to wake Up faster and faster and if you look at Your journey and not what everyone else Should do you’ll discover the next step After you see what’s going on in the World is for you to not be attached to The Matrix in other words your need for Everyone to wake up and see what’s going On is imprisoning you that’s the next Level of your release once you Understand what the Matrix is and once You start to see The Matrix your job Isn’t to try to get everyone in the Matrix to get it your job is to Completely free yourself because the More you do this work the more you start To realize the world is mirroring you And that part of you that wants everyone Else to wake up is an energy in your Body that’s stuck that’s a small kid That’s scared and when you stop trying

To shift everyone else you break off you Listen you let the universe take over And it’s gone and then the Matrix starts To change as a byproduct of that Number eight stop wanting it to happen One of the things that started coming to Light was the constant feeling of when Something happens I’ll be happy when I Get the next gig or when I get the next Movie or when I book this part or when I Get to date this person one of my first Awakenings was the Revelation that I was Always thinking that as I was getting These things they were the source of my Happiness so I was actually in fear I’d Be like well what if I lose this and I Better get the next thing and I better Keep going and it just started this Constant chasing and a huge shift in my Life was when I left the thinking of When something happens I’ll be happy and Move towards a new belief which is when I’m happy things will happen and by Happy I mean okay with all of myself I Mean not just big fake smile and Ironically as I’m not chasing certain Things more amazing things just come to Me and I started realizing that if I’m Chasing something I’m actually saying it Completes me and if I’m instead Connected to myself other things that I Wasn’t even anticipating and could be Even more of an amazing prize can come To me

Number seven It’s Time to Say Goodbye Be weird if there was a person that Decided they were totally done drinking And they’re letting go of alcohol and Then they get a couple days out and they Start to really miss the alcohol so they Go and have a shot and then they decide They don’t want to drink anymore but Then they have another shot obviously if The person wants to end it they have to Get away from it for a long time and Heal the things inside that we’re Addicted to that now that sounds obvious But we do it with so many things in our Life we let go of someone you go through A breakup and then you miss them but Then you text them that you miss them Which is like the alcoholic taking a Shot you’re bringing them back Energetically into your life you have a Job that you don’t like and you want to Move to a higher job but you keep Working at the lower job so you can’t Ever move forward it’s not until you get Away from something for a while and see Who you are without it that you can Finally release it there’s a great scene In Castaway when Tom Hanks pedals away From the island and it’s not until he’s Away from the island that we can look Back and thank the island and say Goodbye to it he can’t do it while he’s On the island it’s after he leaves that

He finally can release it [Music] Thank you Number six [Music] Trauma bonding you’ve been trauma bonded Before where I’m just like completely Stuck to someone like I cannot let go of Them it’s almost horrifying and the more You investigate the more you listen the More you can actually feel it has Nothing to do with them it’s they’re Like a bridge over a specific trauma in Your body that you’re scared to look at And if instead of you grabbing them or Trying to be seen by them or trying to Work something out with them you seeing What that bridge is covering up you Seeing the trauma you seeing what’s There and going for a walk with it Meditating with it and just focusing on It versus the person you can heal the Trauma Bond if you hold a space for the Thing that you’re usually scared to feel That you grab someone else in Distraction of and instead just feel the Trauma it might take a while but the Trauma will eventually be seen it’s Territory you’re used to not looking at That’s what makes it trauma but if you Start to look at it you’ll heal it and You’ll release your attachment to the We are now halfway through this Countdown next one up there’s five

Darkness is being purged from the world This is a hard dark time because life is Moving you from your small self that has Been avoiding your darkness and was able To do it through massive addictive Patterns and having a good enough job in The belief that life is just achievement That was going on till 2020. now we’re Screwed in a good way your egoic self is Dying so God can go this was in here This false anxiety this belief that You’re not enough this anxiety for Mothers to get what you think you need Yes manipulation all these things are Coming to light you can stay in denial Of that and I will knock you on your ass Harder and harder and harder if you Think you are your money I’m gonna take It from you if you think you are your Relationship I’m going to take it from You I’m going to knock everything out of Yourself to get you to get present with The that’s in your body and it’s Doing it to the whole planet all the Crap that you’re seeing happen now was Happening 30 years ago it was just no One knew it was there there was a second Story to your house you didn’t know About Number four Worst contestant ever question mark this President was in office during the Infamous Iran Contra scandal Oh wow I think I know this

I think it’s Reagan you think it’s Reagan there’s a lot writing in this way Yeah what do you guys think audience They’re saying Nixon I would recommend Saying Nixon yeah I’m going with Nixon You’re going with Nixon you sure Definitely All right he’s going with Nixon Everybody The answer Was Ronald Reagan They were all Saint Nixon they sure were But your heart was saying Reagan and you Didn’t listen to it Tell him what he could have had well Jonathan you and a guest could have gone To Venice Italy and had you just sent Ronald Reagan you would have won a new Ferrari [Applause] Number three Next Level relationships space holding Is a real thing holding a space I think It’s the best gift you can give someone And it’s very underrated in fact it’s Often seen as just Airy fairy but Like when you can be with a person from A present space where they’re in their Trauma and you’re just with them they Can release that that is like the Greatest gift you can give someone now There’s some people in your life that Won’t want to release it and that’s fine They might run away from you it might

Not work you want to have the ultimate Relationship you learn to hold space and Find a space holder it’s over because Both of you are the space so when one’s Triggered the other one’s there this One’s triggered that one’s there God You’ll both cry out your and expand Together it’s the most beautiful thing In the world being a space holder is a Gift from God it is God it’s you Becoming a space and being the Unconditional love that God is so learn That and you’ll free everything in your Life and you will find only the match to That is what you’ll bring into your life It’s just amazing Number two lava BS attachment They’re sad because you’ve lost Connection to someone whether it’s a Family member or you’ve broken up with Someone or whatever and you feel all This darkness and sadness and you’re Thinking that that’s love that’s Attachment that’s not love attachment is I’m really hurting because this person’s Not here that’s about you and your ego And you having to face your own darkness And feeling the illusions of things like I’m not needed I’m not loved whatever That’s egoic connections based on your Childhood so when you were a kid you Were literally trained by parental egos So as a child you literally have to Maneuver around whatever they are to be

Seen to survive to eat to get seen to be Loved to feel touch whatever with a Family member if they’re in their own Alcoholism or their own anger or their Own Darkness or whatever you start to Create your own ego to maneuver around What they do and then you make the false Assumption that that character you just Created so that you could eat or be Housed or held or loved is you but it’s A character you created in order to Protect yourself Until we get to the Netflix and subscribe heart make sure You subscribe Make sure you subscribe part number one Foreign Will choose the wrong person most people That don’t want to feel abandoned find The most unavailable people so that they Can fix it it’s what they’re they’re Saying is I could change my childhood if I find a person who would abandon me and Stop them from abandoning me yes I feel Like I’m always doing that all right I’ll tell you something to your ego a Dude that’s grounded that’s ready that’s Cleared all of the other stuff ready Present and wants you probably would Bore you that’s kind of Ego chooses people that it wants to fix So that it can fix the childhood when You start to connect with your soul you Start to ask what does the soul want

Right the ego goes I don’t want to be Abandoned anymore so who would abandon Me I’m going to change them the soul Goes who would not abandon me wow I Guess those shorts really did have Content in them make sure you like and Watch subscribe thank you You for your enjoyment and growth Attachment Why would attachment be in there What’s your favorite Kyle Keys short let Us know in the comments [Music]

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