Virgo, Astrological tarot reading May 2023

Hi Virgo this is Sandy Couture and I am Here doing the astrological tarot Reading for the sign of Virgo for the Month of May 2023. I'm going back to the Old format I believe from the first to The 30th it just seems to be easier for Me to to keep it in mind and handle it I Was traveling when Aries changed to Taurus and I just didn't find the great Time or place to be able to record so This month Um big news right now is we are in Mercury retrograde and that Mercury Retrograde will continue until May 15th But retrogrades are not to be feared They're actually to be taken seriously As times to reflect so retrogrades are About taking a look reflecting over the Previous three months and what's been Happening for you and what's been going On and the decisions you've been making And how you're moving forward So basically that goes until the 15th of May but we are also in the middle of a An eclipse season we just recently had a New moon lunar eclipse in Aries which Was very powerful because Aries is about New beginnings and new moon is about New Beginnings but by the end of of may we Are going to have a full moon eclipse in Scorpio so Eclipses are about looking deep looking Below where you normally look for your Reasons for doing things for your

Emotional well-being and then using that Information to move forward in your life So hopefully that was helpful Information for you and the first card That I pulled for you Virgo is the seven Of cups And basically the seven of cups is all About opportunity there's a lot of Opportunity going your way I don't know If you can hear my dog she's in there Playing there's a lot of opportunity That's going to be presented to you Almost so many opportunities that your Head is going to spin but it's asking You to go outside your comfort zone and The surprise or challenge card is Telling me that because it's the death Card now that does not mean somebody Dying what it means is resurrection Dying to the old and being reborn to the New so there's probably going to be some New opportunities coming your way that Are going to be a little scary for you To step up and take advantage of but it Is the perfect time for you or it Wouldn't be coming your way so the Process card is the Ace of Swords trust Your intellect trust the ideas that are Coming to you they are going to be Linked to all of these opportunities and Linked to doing something new and New Growth within your life aces are always Gifts from God and swords is an Intellect of an air card so it's all

About the new ideas that will be coming Forth that you can trust and the most Likely outcome is the Ace of ones you Got two aces in this four card reading That's pretty phenomenal the Ace of Wands is about a wonderful opportunity To move forward With a brilliant New Path Um That's a pretty cool reading I was very Impressed when I pulled it and I have a Beautiful Virgo friend in Florida and I Thought wow very cool reading for you so Remember You you got some change coming along Take it in stride don't be afraid to go Outside of your box and move forward Listen to the wonderful ideas that are Coming your way and know that when you Take action it will be successful Hopefully that was helpful for you Virgos out there and I hope you have a Wonderful month thank you for watching