What You Can Do about Climate Change | Eckhart Tolle on the Current Ecological Situation

If we do not take action I do not Believe that the planet will become Destroyed but we will destroy ourselves I don't really have a formulated Question but I'd like to hear you talk For a second it's kind of been hinted at Here and there but talk more Specifically about the the Um the situation of the planet the Ecological situation you know without Panicking without getting self-righteous And all these other things uh clearly a Change of Consciousness is necessary But things also have to be done in in in Real time because these are processes Happening in time and so just if you had Anything at all to say about that and How these two processes of Consciousness And also uh changing things doing Whatever would be necessary for the Planet how this works together yes thank You Are you engaged in uh that kind of work To some extent and and hoping to be more Yes Well one thing as you know I did don't Need to say it again the foundation for Any action you take is To be so let it arise from presence Rather than from a feeling of Fear Or anger because those two are not very Productive what comes out of fear or Anger is not productive presence is much

More powerful there's an enormous power In presence and true intelligence Intelligent really intelligent action Comes out of presence So that's vital to know There are many things that need changing In all relationship with the planet Things seem to be going the wrong way Right now All I can say is Do as much as you can To help Change the way in which we live on this Planet do what you can with peace in Your heart That's the main thing with peace in your Heart because otherwise Without peace the opposite of peace is War and conflict So if we don't destroy the planet we Don't we destroy ourselves through war And conflict The planet There's more to the planet This is my intuitive realization by the Way there is more to the planet Than we realize The planet is a being It's not a a rock Floating in space with things growing on Top The the planet is a the planet is a Living being that many humans or Scientists cannot accept that what I

Mean is It Is pervaded by an intelligent energy Field in the same way that your body Is pervaded and held together and run by An underlying intelligence that keeps Everything the thousands of functions in Your body because the planet is another Kind of body The thousands of functions that need to Be constantly coordinated and controlled That keep this body alive keep the atoms And molecules together keep the organs From cooperating No human or or the greatest computer Could possibly do that Even now we only understand a fraction Of how our physical body operates lets a Vast intelligence built into it When that intelligence Says goodbye then very quickly the atoms And molecules Say say goodbye to each other too and Then they depart And then the form dissolves The planet is also An intelligence a being that is Intelligent and it it Has produced us in a way not not alone There have been other factors the sun is Also More than a fireball We think the sun is a ball of Just Energy it's there's more to it than that We think the sun is extremely hot well

Hot is one way but really what that Means is the energy of the highest Intensity which our physical body Registers as extreme heat The sun is also a Celestial being you Don't need to believe me by the way but I'll just tell you what my intuitive Realization is And The planet has an intelligence also that Uh We need to one reason why we need to Be active in protecting the planet so That we don't use these absurd ways of The resources of the planetary observed Ways of getting energy That needs to we need to go beyond that There are other ways the universe is Infinitely abundant The the primary the energy On the external level the energy Obviously inexhaustible energy comes Continuously from the Sun and all the Other energy forms that we discover on The planet are rarely transformed sun Energy it was once sun energy so and to Use those is a very primitive way of Using energy and we need to as soon as Possible and this is the task of Scientists and so on who also need to be Present To go beyond those primitive ways of of Using the energy that's left over by sun Energy on the planet

The planet If we do not take action I do not Believe that the planet will become Destroyed but we will destroy ourselves Or the planet which has an intelligence But it's just slow because to a planet a Hundred years is nothing 200 years is Nothing one second in your lifetime or Less The planet if the planet feels Threatened by humans I firmly believe that it will eliminate Humans It can do that very easily We are Because the you the we are connected our Physical form is connected to the energy Field of the planet it's part it's come Out of the planet so the planet could Easily even without violence the planet Could And All Humans within a hundred years Without any act of violence by simply Making Males and females infertile That would be an action taken by By Implanetary intelligence say this these Humans are we can't have them anymore That's too much oh let's just get rid of 95 of them and then they can have a new Beginning and can try again but it Doesn't have to come to that so before The planet take action takes action and

The planet is slow We need to take action But with peace because otherwise we are Unconscious beings we'll just contribute Even if we even if the in our Unconscious action we could save the Planet we would still wouldn't save Ourselves because we would create Warfare if we are unconscious There are many ways we can destroy Ourselves not just through destroying Nature there are other ways we can Destroy ourselves and we will if there Is no if the shift in Consciousness does Not reach a sufficient number of people But the essence of what I'm saying is Peace in your heart Do not fear There's more to the planet than you Realize if the planet need gets reached To get rid of you it will Thank you [Applause]