Bashar: Exploring the Three Behaviors of Connection – Highlighted Insights

Welcome to our blog post exploring Bashar and his profound insights into the three behaviors of connection. As we delve into this captivating topic, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery, gaining a deeper understanding of the fascinating concepts that lie behind these behaviors. Prepare to embark on a thought-provoking exploration, where our aim is to shed light on the profound wisdom imparted by Bashar and how it can positively impact our lives. So, let’s gather our collective curiosity and dive into the enlightening realm of Bashar’s highlighted insights.

Bashar: Exploring the Three Behaviors of Connection – Highlighted Insights

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating teachings of Bashar, a channeled extraterrestrial entity, as he shares his insights on the three behaviors of connection. These behaviors are crucial in establishing deeper connections not just with our friends from the stars, but also with ourselves. Through action, timing, and communication, we can enhance our relationships and gain a greater understanding of our higher selves.

  1. Action:
    Bashar emphasizes the importance of taking positive action towards our desired connections. In order to bridge the gap between ourselves and our hybrid children, for example, we must actively engage in actions that support this connection. Whether it’s through meditation, visualization exercises, or even simply setting intentions, taking consistent action is vital.

  2. Timing:
    Timing plays a significant role in the process of creating connections. According to Bashar, it is essential to be aware of the synchronicities and opportunities that present themselves to us. By being open and receptive, we allow the universe to guide us towards the right moments for connection. This also requires us to trust our intuition and follow the signs that are presented to us along the way.

  3. Communication:
    Effective communication acts as the bridge that links us to our extraterrestrial family. Bashar emphasizes the need for clear, open, and sincere communication when establishing connections. Through our thoughts, emotions, and intentions, we can transmit and receive energetic messages. Developing our telepathic abilities and honing our intuition allows us to better understand the messages being conveyed.

Embracing self-love:
Alongside the three behaviors of connection, Bashar encourages us to cultivate self-love within ourselves. This involves undertaking a deep self-investigation into the motivation behind our actions. By understanding our motivational mechanisms, we can identify any limiting beliefs or patterns that hinder our ability to connect with others. Embracing self-love allows us to break free from these limitations and build stronger connections.

Overcoming anxiety:
Anxiety often acts as a barrier to connection. Bashar suggests that by meditating and examining the beliefs attached to our motivational mechanism, we can overcome anxiety and welcome more profound connections into our lives. By questioning the purpose and benefits of our anxious thoughts, we gain clarity and realize that they often serve no real purpose. This realization empowers us to let go of unnecessary worries and fears.

Stripping away our fears:
Fear hinders personal growth and prevents us from truly connecting with others. Bashar encourages us to strip away our fears by confronting our core beliefs. Through deep investigation and honesty within ourselves, we can understand why we hold on to certain beliefs and behaviors. By challenging and dismantling these limiting beliefs, we create space for personal growth, transformation, and the expansion of our connections.

In conclusion, understanding and embodying the three behaviors of connection as shared by Bashar can revolutionize our relationships, not just with our extraterrestrial family, but also with ourselves. Through action, timing, and communication, we can establish stronger connections and gain a deeper understanding of our higher selves. Embracing self-love, overcoming anxiety, and confronting our core beliefs are all integral components of this journey. Let us embrace these teachings and embark on a transformative path towards connection and self-realization.


  1. Introduction
  2. Behavior 1: Action
  3. Behavior 2: Timing
  4. Behavior 3: Communication
  5. Embracing self-love
  6. Overcoming anxiety
  7. Stripping away our fears
  8. Conclusion