Discovering the Pathway to Inner Stillness: Eckhart Tolle’s Insightful Reading of “Krishnamurti’s Notebook

Are you searching for a way to navigate the labyrinth of your own mind? Look no further. In this enlightening blog post, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery as we delve into Eckhart Tolle’s profound interpretation of “Krishnamurti’s Notebook”. Uncover the secrets to unlocking inner stillness and find solace in the wisdom shared by these two extraordinary spiritual teachers. So, fasten your seatbelt of introspection and prepare to embark on an exploration that will leave you feeling grounded and connected to the depths of your own being. The path to inner stillness awaits you. Let’s begin.


Are you on a quest to find inner stillness and peace of mind? Look no further than Eckhart Tolle’s insightful reading of “Krishnamurti’s Notebook.” In this article, we will explore how Tolle delves into the profound teachings of Krishnamurti, allowing us to embark on a journey towards awakening our consciousness. Get ready to dive into the wisdom imparted by Tolle and discover a pathway to inner stillness that will transform your life.

Eckhart discusses selections from Krishnamurti’s classic journal

Eckhart Tolle, renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author, invites us to explore the wisdom contained within “Krishnamurti’s Notebook.” In this fascinating work, Tolle dissects selected passages from Krishnamurti’s classic journal, offering profound insights and perspectives to guide us on our spiritual journey. Tolle masterfully brings Krishnamurti’s teachings to life, allowing us to delve into the depths of our consciousness and unravel the mysteries of existence.

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Krishnamurti’s intense presence and stillness while perceiving the world

One of the key themes explored in “Krishnamurti’s Notebook” is Krishnamurti’s extraordinary presence and stillness while perceiving the world. Tolle highlights Krishnamurti’s ability to fully immerse himself in the present moment, remaining acutely aware of his surroundings without the interference of thought. This state of heightened sensitivity allows Krishnamurti to perceive the world in its purest form, untainted by the limitations of the mind.

The acknowledgment of the extraordinariness of life in its seemingly insignificant manifestations

Through Tolle’s insightful reading of Krishnamurti’s work, we come to appreciate the extraordinariness of life, even in its seemingly insignificant manifestations. The mundane moments of everyday life are no longer overlooked or taken for granted. Instead, they become portals to deeper awareness and connection with the present moment. By embracing this perspective, we can cultivate a sense of gratitude and wonder for the beauty that surrounds us at every turn.

The description of being in a state of consciousness with heightened sensitivity and quiet mind

In “Krishnamurti’s Notebook,” Krishnamurti describes a state of consciousness characterized by heightened sensitivity and a quiet mind. Tolle skillfully unpacks this concept, inviting us to explore what it means to be fully present. By quieting the incessant chatter of the mind, we become open to the richness and depth of our experiences. This state of heightened sensitivity enables us to perceive the world with a greater depth of understanding and compassion.

The feeling of essence as the negation of thought

Another intriguing aspect of Tolle’s reading of Krishnamurti’s work is the exploration of the feeling of essence as the negation of thought. Tolle encourages us to contemplate the nature of our true essence beyond the realm of thought. By detaching ourselves from the constant stream of thinking, we can tap into a profound sense of beingness that transcends the limitations of the mind. This shift in perception allows us to access a state of inner stillness and spaciousness.

In conclusion, Eckhart Tolle’s insightful reading of “Krishnamurti’s Notebook” offers a transformative pathway to inner stillness and peace of mind. By diving deep into the wisdom contained within these teachings, we can awaken our consciousness and embrace the fullness of life in all its manifestations. Join Eckhart’s online community, experience the power of Eckhart Tolle Now, and contribute to The Eckhart Tolle Foundation to embark on a journey that will forever change your perception of the world. Embrace the extraordinary within the ordinary, and discover the pathway to inner stillness.