I Have Lost the Will to Live – Facing the Struggle

Facing the difficult battle of losing the will to live is a challenge that many individuals encounter. In this blog post, the reader will delve into the depths of despair and explore the various aspects of this profound struggle, with a focus on how he or she can reclaim their spirit and find hope once more. Discover the power of resilience and the transformative journey that lies ahead for those who are ready to face this harrowing obstacle head-on.


In his powerful, thought-provoking video titled “Facing the Struggle,” Kyle Cease takes us on a journey within ourselves to confront the feeling of not wanting to be alive anymore. With openness, vulnerability, and a touch of humor, Cease encourages his viewers to explore their inner world and understand that this feeling is just a pattern, an old software that can be rewritten.

Exploring the Feeling

Cease begins by sharing that he, like many others, has experienced the overwhelming feeling of not wanting to be alive anymore. It’s a feeling that can be challenging to confront and understand. However, through meditation and inner work, he has developed the awareness that this feeling is simply a result of old conditioning and belief systems.

In the past, Cease admits that he often sought solutions or numbed the feeling in order to avoid confronting it. He explains that this approach only buries the feeling deeper, leading to addictive behaviors and a constant cycle of avoidance. It’s essential, he emphasizes, to listen to the energy instead of trying to find a quick fix.

The Essence of the Feeling

Cease believes that the essence of this feeling is, at its core, a desire to be heard and acknowledged. It’s a cry for attention from a part of ourselves that feels ignored or neglected. Instead of avoiding or suppressing this feeling, he encourages viewers to allow themselves to sit with it and fully experience it. By doing so, we begin to understand its origins and the hidden messages it contains.

Sitting With the Feeling

As uncomfortable as it may be, Cease suggests that sitting with the feeling and feeling it fully is crucial for our personal growth and transformation. It’s an act of self-compassion and acceptance, acknowledging that this feeling is a part of our human experience. By doing this, we create a space where the feeling can be seen and heard, allowing it to release its grip on us.

Cease assures his viewers that with time and practice, the feeling becomes smaller and smaller. It’s important to remember that this feeling is merely old energy, and by being present and listening, we give it a chance to dissipate. Through this process, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and free ourselves from the weight of this old pattern.


Kyle Cease’s video, “Facing the Struggle,” invites us to explore the challenging experience of not wanting to be alive anymore. Through his personal insights and experiences, Cease guides us towards a more profound understanding of this feeling as a pattern and old software. He encourages us to listen to the energy, rather than seeking immediate solutions or numbing the feeling. By allowing ourselves to sit with the feeling and feel it fully, we create an opportunity for growth and release. The feeling slowly diminishes as we acknowledge its existence and give it the attention it deserves.

In a world that often pushes us to ignore or suppress our emotions, Cease reminds us of the power of facing our struggles head-on. By doing so, we reclaim our strength and experience a greater sense of authenticity. So let us embrace this journey, embrace our struggles, and discover the freedom that lies on the other side.

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