Instant solutions are in the way

One of the biggest reasons hot seats Work when I’m working with people is all I’m doing is holding a space for them to Hear what’s under the thought that feels Like conflict a lot of times when people Have a thought things that they’re going Through people often give them a Solution right away and in doing so they Stop them from investigating an actual Solution that is in their own body so When someone’s like I’m feeling often Immediately it’s like you should go you Should go do this or you know I’m upset That blah blah well you should you’re Taking them away from the gold mine of Revelation that’s in their own body and You’re just telling them here’s a new Way to do something here’s a solution And you’re stopping them from feeling The calling in themselves to make the Next step inside of every problem you Have under it is gold is power is your Freedom you have to know that all the Answers are inside of you and just Throwing an answer quickly on top of the Gold mine answer inside is in the way of You getting to your truth

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