Understanding Nikola Tesla’s Discoveries on the Curvature of Space

Understanding Nikola Tesla’s Discoveries on the Curvature of Space


In 1889, after working in George Westinghouse’s workshops, we, Nikola Tesla, felt a strong desire to resume our interrupted investigations and left for New York. The spark of curiosity had reignited within us, and we were eager to delve into the mysteries of the universe. Over the next few years, through experimentation and extensive studies, we made groundbreaking discoveries that challenged existing theories and revolutionized our understanding of space.

The Dynamic Theory of Gravity

Upon returning to the United States in 1892, we were determined to dedicate ourselves to studying celestial movements. In pursuit of this quest, we made two powerful discoveries that propelled us forward in our exploration.

  1. The Dynamic Theory of Gravity: Our first breakthrough came in the form of a dynamic theory of gravity. We proposed that the gravitational force between objects is not simply a result of curved space, as Einstein’s theory suggests. Instead, we put forth the idea that a force field is responsible for the observed motions of heavenly bodies. This theory disproved the notion of curved space, as it contradicted the principle of action and reaction.

  2. Disproving Curved Space: Our second discovery further solidified our opposition to the concept of curved space. We presented evidence that curved space fails to account for the intricate movements of celestial bodies. Instead, we argued that a force field, yet to be fully understood, is the missing puzzle piece in explaining these motions.

The Role of Ether

A crucial aspect of understanding our discoveries lies in acknowledging the existence of the Ether. We firmly believed that the Ether, a hypothetical medium, played an essential role in natural phenomena and the functioning of the universe.

  1. Explaining Natural Phenomena: The Ether provides a plausible explanation for the working of the universe. We posited that by having a medium to transmit forces through, the observed motions of celestial bodies and other natural phenomena can be more adequately understood.

  2. The Essential Role of Ether: We recognized that the Ether serves as the medium through which forces manifest and propagate. It acts as the backdrop against which all interactions take place, allowing for the harmonious functioning of the universe.


Nikola Tesla’s discoveries on the curvature of space opened new doors of understanding in the realm of physics. By proposing a dynamic theory of gravity and challenging the prevalent concept of curved space, we ushered in a new perspective on the working of the universe. Central to our findings was the recognition of the indispensable role played by the Ether in explaining natural phenomena. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, Tesla’s contributions stand as significant milestones in our journey towards comprehending the intricacies of space and time.

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